what should i do about this???
just leave it alone... dont do anything?
make a complaint...?
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Ok, first of all, I just wanted to say that im not trying to say that I want to get anyone in trouble, or lose their jobs, but I do want to do something!!

Ok, ive been holding this in for a while now, for 11 months since my sons been born, but I was just reading thru everyones questions, and I see how much everyone helps, and adds their input, and id really like to get advice from some people that wont judge me...

I went into the hospital to have my son, and I was dilated 2cm... I went through 11 hours of labor still only dilated 2 cm until this one nurse came in, checked me, and said I was dilated 7 cm. Well, they gave me a lot of different stuff to help me have my son, and then a different nurse came in, checked me, said I was doing ok, and came back with my doctor, who, after 12 hours of labor then, said I was still only dilated 2cm... Im no doctor, and I was on a lot of drugs, but my understanding was that they could have given me something to help me dilate, or at least wait so I could at least have my son naturally... But, since they already gave me all the drugs to put me farther into labor, they said theres was nothing else they could do... And if I didnt dilate to 10cm within the next 30 minutes, theyd have to do a c-section... Which I reallllly was against before then. Now, from what they say, ill probably have to have a c-section for any children I have in the future, and the part that made me the maddest was that I wasnt the first to hold my son, and they only let me see him for a split second before they took him out of the room. I couldnt walk for days, I will always have this huge scar on my stomach(which is still numb) and I believe that all this couldve been avoided if this nurse didnt make such a big mistake... From 2cm to 7cm is a big difference, and should not have been made!!! If anyone has any input to what I should do, or what you would do, please let me know... Id greatly appreciate it! Ty, jenn
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