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Is It Possible to Be Pregnant & Not Have the Hormone?

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Is it possible to be pregnant and not have the pregnancy hormone? I was told that by a doctor at a clinic. See in september my period was 5 days and the one in october was a basically 2 1/2 days and now in november I dont have one and I am not sure if I should take a home pregnancy test first and see what it says or go to get a blood test within the next 2 weeks to see. I had a miscarriage at the middle of march and I had been at the doctors at the end of february and they said I wasn't even though that is when I was fertile and with someone and I had all the symptoms? I am curious of what happening if someone could help me please do because I don't know what to do. Thanks
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replied November 7th, 2005
It is not possible to be pregnant and not have the hcg hormone in your body. That is the hormone that is produced by the pregnancy. Maybe the doctor meant something else when they said it, or maybe you misunderstood. If it is a very early pregnancy then there may not be enough of the hormone in your body yet, and it would not be picked up by a pregnancy test. But the hormone is always produced with a pregnancy.

I think you should just buy a home pregnancy test and do it. If it is negative and you are concerned that it's wrong, you should get a blood test done.

Good luck!
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