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My Bones Have Molded

It's funny of the sound... But seriously... It's just flat out weird i'm wondering who else has it

on your collar bone, where your strap sets, does it dip in like the grand canyon? Well like more like dipping in as if you pressed it with your finger, but it stays

i'm 16, and have worn a brat 24/7 365 since I started getting boobs which was... When I was 11 I think or something

i will ///not/// sleep, or anything without a bra on 1. It's not comfy 2. Feels werd 3. I don't like people seeing my nipples

i find it utterly shocking tho

and whats this about breast cancer is more risky when you wear a bra?

Heck, my breasts aren't anything but all lumpy.. I'd just think iit's the junk inside what ever you call it... You can't tell when you look though... Only when you feel and they're not extreemply hard like plastic or anything
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