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Lumps On My Back - Very Worried - No Doctor Access

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many thanks in advance for your responses.

I have had 2 lumps on my back for at least 2 years now.

The 1st one is under just under the skin on sits on a rib and is pretty hard. It does move slightly and is not painful really just if pressed very hard. It has not really changed shape or size, but does sometimes feel more tender and more visable after a night out etc.

The second lump is further down and not as visable as it feels deep and more in flesh then the 1st. Its actually just to the right of my spine where in what feels like sime muscle mass.

Again this one has not really changed size or painful unless pressed very hard.

I did see a doctor a long time ago who briefly looked at the 1st one and said it was fatty tissue but actually am more worried about the 2nd one as it seems to be more deeper into my body.

Any advice help would be much appreciated.

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replied April 1st, 2010
please help
i have a hard lump on my head which causes me severe headaches just where lump sits. I feel sick & struggle 2 do daily tasks.I sleep all the time. the lump changes in shape size is increasing.lump sore 2 touch,i''ve become very withdrawn from every1,im moody,depressed & thats not like me. i''m concerned about it but no1 listens
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