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My Best Friend... And It Kills Me...

He's my best friend.. We were friends, then lovers... And everything fell apart, because I was undiagnosed bipolar. I flew off the deep end so often, and I tried to spare him by leaving for hours...And he was fine until one night he just... He didn't get it...And it all fell apart.

We became the best of friends in the past year since then...And recently he told me he loved me, and couldnt be without me...

But hes afraid of !**@! up again, and I just... I dont know what to do. I've never loved someone more. Never. He took me to the e.R the night I tried to kill myself, found me passed out from overdose...Waited with me and held my hand... Comforted me when I was raped... And broke the kids elbow for touching me... He is incredible... When my dad used to hit me alot... He would kiss me until I smiled, and he would hold me and everything...

The nights I hurt myself, he washed off the blood, and cried for me...

And now... I feel like hes so far away... He keeps telling me how much he adores me... But im watchin him drink and smoke pot and hurt himself...And he wont let me help him.

Im in tears as I think about this...

What should I do? He means the world to me...
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replied November 3rd, 2005
It sounds like both of you could use some couseling. You've got things from your past you need to work out. Also if you are bipolar are you on medication? Maybe if he sees you working on yourself he will as well. I don't know if what i'm saying is accurate as I don't have the whole story but it might be a place to start.
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replied November 7th, 2005
Tarbaby is right about getting some couseling.
It's a good start, if you can both go.
It could help keep the relationship going, and far more, help you guys make plans for the future together.
He's hurting himself because he doesn't want to see your hurt. You should help him like he helped you.
I know what it's like being bipolar, and it really is a pain. But if you guys really, really want to make it work, i'd go with tarbaby's advice and get someone to help you both out.

It'd be a shame to hear such a nice relationship thrown away over this.
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