All of my life I have experienced peeling in my mouth, however mostly after I drink water after exercise. I attributed it to having a dry mouth while working out. Anyway, I have started to have it in the mornings. I'll wake up and have "sheets" of skin just peel from the inside of my lips and cheeks. It doesn't hurt it's just a major inconvenience. It seems to continue once I get to work and drink water or pop....And my lips/cheeks will continue to produce loose skin for about an hour after i'm at work.

Could it be that my mouth is just getting so dry at night that when I get up and produce saliva that it triggers this shedding? And then happening again once I get to work and drink liquids again?

Anyone heard of such a thing? Question
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replied December 18th, 2003
Peeling Gums
Hi, I am relieved to hear someone has had the same problem. I suffer from the same problem. I have noticed I suffer from peeling gums and lips more when I use a whitening toothpaste for example from colgate or macleans. I now use a different toothpaste and dont really suffer from the problem. I also mentioned this problem to a dentist I work with, he said he also suffered when using certain products.

I do understand, it feels horrible when you move your tongue on your gum and you end up with a layer of skin, but you must try different types of toothpastes.
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replied September 18th, 2005
Http://www.Netwellness.Org/question.Cfm/19 333.Htm

i have the same problem, mostly when I use a new toothpaste or eat salt and vinegar potato chips (which I love so it sucks) I talked to my doctor and they told me the same thing I found in the document I linked.... Nothing to be worried about, just a nucience.... :)
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