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I have a ringing in my ears and it's totally bugging me. I'm 21 and I don't think I ever did anything to mess them up. Oh well it's just the left one I mean. I'm very tired. Been losing a lot of sleep. I can't work and I can't afford to see a doctor. Bills are piling up. What should I do? My 'family' doctor says he can't do a thing for me. Has no advice for me. I don't have health insurance and i'm broke. I was gonna save up some money for just this type of thing but it caught me at a bad time. Just suddenly my left ear starts ringing all the time. I've been reading about it and most people call it tinnitus but I don't know if I agree with it. That is unless tinnitus really is just a general term for hearing sounds that aren't there. What do I do if I don't have health insurance and I can't function? I have a great paying job but I can't go make money. I'm getting five hours of sleep a night and that's it. There are no make up days. There are no 12 hour sleep nights on the weekends. I'm going insane. I've been studying psychology for over three years and I know right now i'm pretty much a homer simpson. What do I do? I can't work cause i'm sick and i'm sick cause I can't work. Family is broke. What little family I have anyway. I'll beg. If running around outside naked would help i'll do it. I'll do whatever I need to do. Paperwork, phone calls, whatever. I just don't know about this type of thing. The doctors won't tell me anything. What should I do?
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