Can a lot of stress kill an unborn baby or make it be mentally retarded??? I go through so much stress its not even funny. I do everything around this house, mom barely does anything and all my brother and her do is make messes. So here I am vacuuming and sweeping and dusting and cleaning up right behind them all the time, its nonstop. Then I walk away and cry in my room cuz I just dont know what to do-i go nuts. Ive pretty much lost my appetite, I never want to eat, I have to force myself anymore and here im 31 weeks, will be tom. I just want to get out of here. Like today-i cleaned the garage,swept it and everything and my 15 yr. Old brother comes homes with 2 of his friends and a dead fesant-however you spell that-and they start cutting it up and the other day I was out there cleaning up all the feathers and all their nasty fishing stuff-im sick of it. I cant wait to move-i just dont have the money. I cant go get a job being pregnant and anyways I have to sit here and clean. My bf goes and works like loading hogs and combining and tries to make money, he hurt his back and the hospital still hasnt gottan a hold of him and he has called them a million times about his back surgery-he was a truck driver. Everything just drives me nuts! I hate it
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replied October 31st, 2005
Hi there..

I dont think your stress can cause retardation in a unborn child but you have to take it easy and dont do alot of cleaning..Its not good for you or the baby.
If you have to do something first check with your docto to see if it ok, then you can go ahead and do it..Good luck to you and god bless.=)
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