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Ok, i've posted this in so many forums, but I havne't really received any resonses. So please excuse me if you read this in another forum (headaches, etc...) since i'm so desperate for some help, I decided to post it here as well since it seemed appropriate. I sometimes get responses, but i'm always dissatisfied because no one seems to have anything similar to my main, most persistent symptoms; the symptoms that seem to underly and preface everything else (numberd them below) here the post i'm putting all over the internet in hope of finding someone who can relate:

first of all: hi fellow pain sufferers. I'm a 26 y/o male and i've had a lot of weird pain in my face, head and neck. What bothers me is that i've never seen one post on one single message board (and beleive me, i've searched) that I can identify with; identify with and say to myself, 'wow, someone has these same symptoms. I'm not alone, and now maybe I can start treating my problem instead of trying to search for a diagnosis." my pain is probably somewhere inbetween atypical migraines, tension-type headaches, severe neck-muscle soreness, eye pain and recurrent sinusitis. Now, I know what you all are thinking: this sounds familiar, right? I've read hundreds of posts where people have symptoms belonging to the broad categories of symptoms I just mentioned (tmj-ish/myofascial pain-ish/sinus problems...), but after I get specific about the symptoms I think you'll see how different my case is. So now let me tell you how this feels, and if there is anyone out there who experiences any of these, please let me know. I won't go into great detail and also I will not list every symptom, nor will I detail the chronology of all this, except to say that it all began three and a half years ago and has progressed ever since to include more and more regions of my face/neck/head. For now, let me just point-out the main symptoms that seem to separate me from everyone else i've read about. These are the symptoms that never seem to go away and have been with my since all of this started: here we go...

1. Pain started in, and still resides mostly in my cheeks, nose and eyes. I'll start with my cheeks: this isn't a very deep feeling pain, but rather superficial; at least superficial in that you can grab this pain between your thumb and index finger and literally squeeze it. So, whatever all that tissue is contrived of (muscle, nerves, mayofascia and skin), it all hurts. The pain works a lot like a tempurpedic matress, in that if you squeeze the area, it will hurt much worse for the next five minutes, just like how youre hand-print will stay on the tempurpedic matress after you remove your hand. Please understand, the pain is almost always there, if pressure is on it or not, but it is just much worse if I squeeze it. Asking yourself: "why the heck is this guy squeezing his cheeks if they hurt" well...I'm not. The simple and what used to be releiving, act of smiling hurts. Smiling, in fact, is usually miserable and can make the area hurt worse for several minutes afterwards. Needless to say, squinting my eyes is bothersome as well.

2. I also have pain in my nasal bones. Unlike my cheek pain, this pain is perceived in my bones. It actually feels like my nasal bones are growing. Another way to describe it would be to say that the area is numb, sometimes in a funny-bone or novacaine type of way. So I guess the way it feels is really some mixture of the growing/funny-bone feeling, but with an emphasis on the 'growing' part.

3. Now for my eyes. They feel almost constantly strained and/or sore (the eye balls themselves are sore). My upper eye lids are also very droopy and worn-out; very worn-out. In fact, you could say that all the areas I just described (1. Cheeks, 2. Nasal bone(s), 3. Eyes) are worn-out and feel like I have chronic fatigue syndrome confined to only these areas. People comment about how 'stoned' I look, despite the fact that I haven't smoked marijuana since high school (i'm 26 y/o now). I feel like i'm fighting to keep my eyes open and alert looking. Much of the time I just raise my eyebrows up and give myself an intentional robert di'nero look to compensate for my eyelids not lifting properly.

There. I'm done describing the part of my condition that seems much different from what anyone else has experienced. I am begging you who reads this and experiences similar symptoms to please please please respond and tell me that you have symptoms like these. I know many of you can identify with several of these, much like many non-pain-having person in the pain-free community can identify with all of us pain sufferers occasionally (when they have a headache or something). But, please tell me you have similar symptoms if you have them and they get in the way of your normal functioning, working, eating, sleeping; and if they are very pronounced and very bothersome.

Now let me say that I also have a lot of the same symptoms as many fibro/chronic mayofascial pain (cmp) people do. I have horrible headaches, including true classic-ish migraines. For the last yeaer, i've had neck pain so bad that I wear a neck brace around the house. For the neck pain i've had a ton of trp (trigger point) injections as well as botox shots. I have trps all over my scm muscle, and 'suspected' trps in my face and sinus cavaties. I've had four sinus surgeries in the last 2 1/2 years and after each surgery, I still have this annoying, nagging-type pain in my left nasal cavity/septum that I can usually quench with a q-tip by sticking it literally all the way up my nostril until just the very end of the q-tip remains visible. I have pain in the temporal area, just above my ears. This temporal pain is not like a temporal headach, it's more similar to the cheek pain I mentioned above.

I've seen so, so, so, so many doctors to try and assess this problem. Many of the doctors i've seen are considered among the best in the country. I think a lot of the problem with the health care system is, as my cmp doc says, "it's like the tale of the six blind men, each standing on different parts of the elephant, trying to describe to eachother the sorrounding." (really a paraphrase and not a direct quote).

I've been operated on for my sinuses at john's hopkins and georgetown hospital several times, and all the sinus doctors can tell me is that they don't think all my pain symptoms can be attributed to sinus disease.

So, i'm posting here to see if there is anyone else who has my main problem (the cheek, nasal bone, eyes symptoms I first mentioned above). Maybe if someone else identifies with those symptoms, i'll be less reluctant to beleive Dr. Filners (a mayofascial pain doctor) diagnosis of chronic mayofascial pain. But, as it stands now, I have not heard of a case like mine from anyone with cmp. Anyway, i've also had little success finding any other cmp therapist/doc who can properly administer trp injections. It seems as though every other pain doc/cmp therapist in the whole washington, dc area just took a short, one-day seminar in mayofascial pain/cmp. Heck...Many docs still don't aknowledge the difference between cmp and fibro.

Please tell me there is someone who can relate. I am honestly at my wits end. I've been unemployed for over a year now b/c of these problems and I feel like i'm fighting an uphill battle, without any hope of ever getting better.

I wish you all the best of luck with your symptoms and sincerley hope everyone can find some form of releif.


p.S. Here are some other symptoms that occur regularly with my main problem:

-i keep getting bacterial sinus disease despite four edoscopic sinus surgeries; never experienced releif from any of the surgeries; my pain level has never seemed to lessen in response to any of the surgeries.

-i have become almost completely intolerant to alcohol; if I drink it, i'll either get a migraine, or my whole weird facial/head pain problem will become much worse.

-during the first two years of this problem, my symptoms let-up during the late sping/early summer months (maybe just a cooincidene?)
-noticeable eye buldging; swelling of eye lids (i'd say this happens 30% ofthe time)
-severity of symptoms becomes much worse in the winter seasons
-my enviromental allergies have increased 3-fold over the past three years since the begining of these problems.
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First Helper debmullen
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replied December 12th, 2005
For Jp Guiness
Jp - I found your post when I was searching for information on neuralgia. I have cut and pasted it below, and would urge you to talk to your doctor about this. For what its worth, you have my sympathy and it sounds as though all those ops on your poor sinus cavities have exacerbated the situation. Anyhow, see below.

Nerve dysfunction.

After the trigeminal nerve leaves your brain and travels inside your skull, it divides into three smaller branches, controlling sensation throughout your face:

the first branch controls sensation in your eye, upper eyelid and forehead.
The second branch controls sensation in your lower eyelid, cheek, nostril, upper lip and upper gum.
The third branch controls sensations in your jaw, lower lip, lower gum and some of the muscles you use for chewing.
You may feel pain in the area served by just one branch of the trigeminal nerve, or the pain may affect all branches on one side of your face.

Besides pressure by a blood vessel, other less frequent sources of pain to the trigeminal nerve may include:

compression by a tumor
multiple sclerosis
a stroke affecting the lower part of your brain, where the trigeminal nerve enters your central nervous system
a variety of triggers, many subtle, may set off the pain. These triggers may include:

stroking your face
brushing your teeth
putting on makeup
encountering a breeze
trigeminal neuralgia affects women more often than it affects men. The disorder is more likely to occur in people who are older than 50.
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replied February 4th, 2006
What a Coincidence.
I thought I was never going to find somebody to talk to abt my ver own irritating, extremely depressing problem. U can read my post under the topic "anybody with unexplained facial weakness" read that and u'll find i'm pretty much more !**@! up! Hey, i'm relly in a hurry so i'll try to contact u later. Plz feel free to message me anytime.
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replied February 13th, 2006
Similar Symptoms Here....
Hey jp and all readers,

it was interesting reading your post and as much as i'd love to be the one replying with a resolution to your problem, I can only add my own symptoms to the puzzle for someone else to help....

I am alos a 27 y.O male and have very similar symptoms - constant cheek bone, forehead, and nasal bone pain for the last 10 months or so with the feeling that the sinuses are invloved. My symptoms include:

1 - nasal bone pain, protruding into my right eye , w/ intermittent eyelid twitching for a week or so.
2 - dull pain extending into my right forehead near my frontal sinus and up to the top of the right side of my head, sometimes extending to the right side of my head, around and behind my right ear.

Basically, it feels as though I was just socked on the right side of the face - everyday!!

I've gone to see a few doctors about this problem, all claiming a sinus issue, prescribing flonase, recomending claritin, even prescribing robaxin (muscle relaxer) - but the medications do nothing, except for the robaxin (which of course leaves me extremely lethargic) one doctor did a sinus culture and sinus series x-ray for blockage, infection, or even a mass - all negative.

There are only 2 things that make the pain go away, sleep and oddly enough, excersize. Tylenol, aspirin, advil, only reduces the pain, but it still exists.

Now, what is sort of interesting, is that about 10 years ago, I broke my nose and the nasal bone was displaced about half an inch to the right, with the cartilage pulled over as well. I opted to have it fixed manually, rather than surgically, which I look back and kick myself for because it's still displaced about a quarter of an inch, and not as attractive as it was. Now, due to that, I feel inside my right eye socket against my nasal bone and the little polyp-like boney structure is bigger on that side than the other. It also appears that I have a slight difference in eye shape from my right eye to the left (maybe ptosis??) plus, my sinus bone on my right side slightly protrudes out of my head more than the left - it almost looks as though my nasal bone has crowded my forehead bones over a tiny bit (very slightly, I dont look like the guy from mask or anything).

Now can these structural issues be causing this constant pain? Should I go see a cranial facial specialist? Or is there something else I havent ruled out?

Please help!!
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replied March 29th, 2006
Jp and others --

i just happend out here by chance and couldn't believe what you having been going through and the symptoms!! I've had a very similar experience for the last 13 months. I've seen a multitude of docs -- pcp's, allergists, ent, neurologists and nobody has been able to figure anything out yet.

I'm 35 and was happy and healthy and this past year has been very tough on me and my family because of the uncertainty and because i've gotten very little relief. I have almost constant face-cheek pain that is dull -- like you said, it feels like someone is squeezing my face or i've just been popped in the face. To me, the worst is my eyes, they are always strained, puffy, red and look as if I have had no sleep -- even after i've been in bed for 8, 10, 12 hours...It doesn't matter -- I still look the same. My eyes twitch most of the time and I am very self conscious when talking to others.... And my job is talking to others face to face all day (sales).

The allergist and ent have mentioned sinus surgery, but my ct scan indicates I don't have any blockages -- so they really have convinced me it wouldn't really help, if at all. Allegra, flonase, sinus rinse, afrin etc...Nothing touches it.

The only way I get relief is sleep and I couldn't believe it when I saw the post -- exercise. Exercise seems to make it go away for about an hour or so and then it slowly creeps back in. I've tried to keep up a good exercise schedule, but quite honestly -- I am losing motivation every day because I always wake up to the same old thing.

The steroid -- prednisone at 10mg bid has given me some relief but only for a short time -- 5 days and then its like my body compensates and overrides the relief of the steroid...I'm not kidding...It is really weird.

Alcohol has helped some, but I don't want to rely on it that much for obvious reasons and it seems recently...It has gotten worse and even a couple beers doesn't help.

My allergist thought it my be some sort of infection in the sinus cavity or bone, so he put me on two months of ammoxicilian thinking such a long course of antibiotics would clear it and it did nothing.

The latest thing my allergist suggested was putting me on carbamazapine(tegretol), an anti-convulsant, for the pain -- he says studies show some good outcomes in patients w/myofacial pain. Is this what this is? I have yet to try tegretol. There's a couple newer anti-convulsants that have better side effect profiles...Equetro and trileptal. I may give one of those a shot. I am ready to try just about anything.

I don't know really what to call it because i've yet to get a diagnosis.

It really is good to hear that someone else is having these same issues. I'm feel for you guys and hope we can get some relief by working together on this.

Thanks in advance for the support.

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replied April 4th, 2006

i feel the exact same way. Right this minute I am in sooo much pain. My gums are about to bleed and my cheek bone feels like I could just push it through the back of my head. When it gets like this and stays then the eye will start to droop and sag. I am sch for septoplasty and turboplasty and removal of a bone spur and all that stuff in may, but I feel like I am dying now. I don't know if it is sinus or dental. I feel like I am going crazy. I am taking lortab 10 mg with no relief. I have the migraines and all that good stuff too. I feel like I am going crazy. What should I do?
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replied May 23rd, 2006
Sinus Problem
Have you considered the diagnosis of concha bullosa?
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replied September 15th, 2006
I have very similar symptoms myself. I have constant facial pain in my cheeks, near my nose, near my temples, my eyebrows, my forehead and even my scalp is sore!! I have constant post nasal drip, clear and almost looks like saliva, and I have to clear my throat after eating any dairy product. The post nasal drip has even given me the worst breath!!

I feel as though my eyes are strained constantly. My eyes blur every once in a while, and everytime these symptoms worsen, I think I begin to panic because my heart is noticably faster, and I begin to feel weak and almost "disconnected" or "foggy."

i too, experience that if I were to massage my face (particularly my cheeks) it feels as though I am still touching them even though I am not. I still feel the pressure there. I also have pain in my jaw since I was younger. It sometimes clicks, or snaps when eating, and it is often sore and I am unable to open it wide as it hurts.

I have a history of sinus infections. Sinus problems run in my family. I feel weak, fatigued, constantly tired, strange, and not 100%. I too have noticed that when I drink alcohol on occasion I suddenly get a flushed feeling, like my face gets really hot, and I am wondering what that has to do with anything.

I am at a loss! I am a worry wart and this has been frightening me for almost a year! I was at the doctor last december for this, and he prescribed me ketek pak and I couldnt finish it b/c of side effects and I wonder if that has anything to do with this.

Basically I feel feverish, and helpless. Is this sinus related??
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replied November 21st, 2006

recentley I started getting alot of geadaches accompied by bright lights in front of my eye senstivity to light the work the head aches stop but I can still see bright light in front of my eye I am still senstive to ligght and sometime get eye pain I cant find anything out on the internet as to what is wrong with me I thought maybe you guys?Gals can relate to any of this
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replied April 28th, 2007
Re: Face Pain, Headaches And Neck Pain (please Help)
Dear JP,
I recently came across your post when I was looking for a diagnosis of why I always feel this way. By this way I mean, like I cant function. For over two years I've been feeling pain in my nasal, eye, cheek bone, and neck area. It started after I had a tooth pulled and I also had gotten my septum pierced. When these symptoms started, i took the piercing out. I went back to the dentist to see if maybe the tooth may have caused these symptoms, but he stated the area where the tooth was is not infected. Then just like you say during the winter season it seems to get worse. I was a runner of five miles and now I dont run at all. Recently I had some new symptoms form. I started having vertigo attacks and then felt dizzy all the time. My face always looks red, the doctors test me for lupus constantly. I started feeling as if I couldnt hold my head up for a while. i even started taking anti-depressants, since all the doctors think I am a hyperchondriac now. Ive been on them for two months, but still feel the same way, just very hyperactive inside, but I am still unable to run without feeling dizzy. My nose in the morning looks like it has a cellulitis and my eyes look black and blue. My vision becomes fuzzy and foggy from time to time. But still no one seems to find where and what is wrong. I love to sing and can not do to the pain in my cheek bones. Sometimes its hard to smile or even chew. If i push on my eyelids I feel such pain in my eyes. I cant even describe the feeling of pain. Its like a dull ache at all times. On days where it is severe I can barely see and the pain multiplies and I can hardly hold my head up. Ive been tested for lupus, ms, hepatitis, all auto-immune, hiv, all stds etc. The constantly say its fibromyalgia. i can keep going w/ the list. Ive had my eyes tested, ct of the head, sinus, spine. The only other weird symptom i have that you dont have is patches on my tongue, the drs always think its thrush, but Ive taken the meds for it numerous amounts of times and still its there. It i like a light white coating across the middle of my tongue and red bumps on the back of the tongue. I've went to an ENT, ID, Rhem and others. My ID doctor thought it was osteomylitis, but the ENT didnt so i was never tested. They thought I might have an allergy to something. Went to the Allergist. Nothing. So what I am trying to say is that if you seem to find out what the problem is please let me know, I might have the same thing, and I could use the help finding out what it is.
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replied June 10th, 2007
Tired of the Pain
i am a 19 year old female with the same problems for about a month and i really would like it to end
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replied June 28th, 2007
Face Pain, Eye Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain...
For many years I have had facial pain on one side. I had two CT's of my sinuses that were normal. The pain is on my right, on my cheek next to my nose, my cheek bone under my eye and above my eye at eyebrow level. My eye pain feels muscular soreness to touch the upper part of the eye or the orbit there that holds it.
I have been diagnosed with TMJ, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. I think that my pain has something to do with the trigeminal nerve. I also have temple pain, jaw pain and ear pain along with tinnutis.
I have done myofascial pain release with medium sized erasers under PT direction. I am seeing a pain specialist.
I have rare cluster headaches once a year where my right eye tears with pain. I don't have drooping of the eyelid.
Sometimes my neck-jaw pain is bad where I can't talk or chew. I wear a mouth splint most of the time. It does help.
The neck-jaw pain radiates into a severe headache when I get fatigued. So I have to pace my activities.-Hope you keep seeking until you get some relief
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replied July 13th, 2007
Headaches, Migraines, Sinus Conditions
Hello Guinness

I call you so because I will come to the GUINESS BOOK OF THE RECORDS, with all my pains (I am pretty older than you).
I have almost all the same pains, like you. Only, not headaches.
I have steady pains in the right eye (ball), like there is top of the knife. I have jaw and cheek bones pains, too. There are pains on all right side: ear, back head, bottom of the neck (as some nerve is pinched).

From Orthopaedist have diagnoses:

From ORL doctor:

From the SPA:

I must tell you, that I have got double Sinusitis with 16 years. They are now totally dry, mucus membrane is swollen. Nothing flows out.

My face is always swollen I can't open my eyes in the morning. What is very strange, I am swollen bellow my chin, from both sides. That can't be from Sinusitis!

1985 one man, from Alternative medicine told me, that my neck and shoulder muscles are sick, weak and in tension. Some say: trigger points, other muscle spasm. On the beginning of right shoulder is swollen muscle. My pains are muscles: Trapezium, Supraspinatus.
My ORL doctor told me, all is from neck muscles.
Even Psychiatrist told me the same.
There is very painful place between neck and shoulder. Just there I have got one injection from one Neurologist in Germany. In 15 minutes my pains were away. It was good for five years. He called it Trigeminal Neuralgia. Second time, has helped me medical doctor, Neurologist from abroad. He is Chiropractic. He gave me injection on the same place, and was good for 6 months. Two years, long. He is away.

I was told from two persons:
1. Russian doctor, Chiropractic (he looks in the IRIS - eye);
2. One man, doing Alternative medicine,
that my pains are from the LIVER (I have few cysts on the right side), as
LIVER MERIDIAN is going through the right eye.

On the end, I know nothing. I have done Acupuncture. It didn't help.
The only thing that has helped to me, were drugs with Hydrochloride (for muscle spasm) and warmth. I don't find any more drugs with Hydrchloride.

I have enough from the life and want to die.
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replied July 13th, 2007
Headache, Migraines, Sinus Conditions
Hello shorty1lov

There could be some help for your eyes. As I was working long time in tourism, I have met one man, who had steady eyes pains. His eyes were right.
Then he went to the doctor for Ear, Nose and Throat. Doctor has found, that this man had narrow place in the Sinusitis Ethmoidales (behind the eyes). He made operation with Endoscope, had widen the place. After that, this man had no eyes pains.

In my case, I should find the cause and nobody can find it.

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replied August 7th, 2007
Wow, Thatnks For the Replies
Wow, I posted this almost two years ago and basically gave up on the chance of there being any replies. Have any of you found anything that helps for this horrible condition. My pain is still with me everyday, though it has changed slightly. I've had nerve decompression surgery at Georgetown University Hospital here in Washington, DC. It helped a little, especially in the back of my head (though that's not where most of my pain was anyway).
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replied September 9th, 2007
Jp Guinness
hey bud ,
i too suffer from all that you do ,,,,,,,its crazy but i do . i can relate to your suffering ........ i believe that all this may be brought on by enviromental allergies ........ i have them really bad . my sinuses get irratated then swell setting all in motion ..........the facial pain cause my sinus swell the the headach cause the mucous cannot drain ........ i have the dr . put me on predizone ,, works great for me .. but cannot stay on this med for more then a week at a time ,since it is a steroid........ love to hear from you ..... maybe even chat on the phone about this condition we suffer from ........let me know .
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replied September 10th, 2007
Nasal/head Pain- No End In Sight
I too have similar conditions to those described. It all started about 3.5 years ago with twitching on the left side of my nose, which progressed in to what I thought were anaphylaxic reactions- jerking, almost jolting sensations. At the time, my ears would turn bright red and I would develop a bad headache. I could feel these episodes coming on, but could do nothing to stop them.

Over the past few years, the jolting reactions and bright red ears have subsided, but a constant dull pain is there and a sensation of swelling in my nasal passage and around my left eye. The strange thing is that all of this leaves me feeling "off" or "fuzzy" and my concentration tanks.

I too have been to ENT's, Neurologists, Allergists with no relief. The Neurologist diagnosed my condition as trigeminal nerve pain caused by swelling in my sinus. She indicated that this condition may persist and become chronic. The treatment suggested involved anti epileptic drugs that made me feel worse than before. I too had sinus surgery in hopes of alleviating the cause of the pressure, but no relief. I also have been on every nasal spray imaginable- no relief.

One drug, Fioricet, provides some minor relief, but I do not want a long term drug solution. I am considering seeing a neurosurgeon. I would appreciate any comments or experiences you may have- I truly do not know what way to turn.
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replied October 5th, 2007
I have similar pains too - headache with neck pain deep in the rear of my head where the neck meets the skull, really really bad post nasal drip and horrendous bad breath - post nasal infects my throat and chest. Also got tight chest at the mo after recent infection from pnd and am very weak and get tired fast if i exert myself too much, all this began november 06.
Seen 2 neuologists, had mri on head - clear , had lung and neck x rays - clear, had functional endoscopic sinus surgery - sinuses now like channel tunnel but still get attacks of bad pnd, had physio on neck and chiropracter but no benefit at all yet, next week i go back to neuro no. 2 for possible investigation for low CSF pressure ( spinal fluid leak ) mri with gandolinium dye - if this turns up nothin i dont know what else it could be - what i can tell you is the most beneficial drug i have and still take is a beta blocker called Propanalol ( 20mg ) 3 times a day takes the headache and neckache right off, this came from my quack and has given me some life back in the middle of the nightmare, fortunately i can have 3 to 4 day spells where even with no drugs im ok but when i get an attack im fubar and have to dive in the pills fast, if youcheck out my other posts you will get a deeper history of my problems - its just real bad luck we all seem to have this awfull problem that no one seems to help us with but trust me i know the pain and the way your life is put on hold, the way i deal with it is to tell myself there are people much much worse off and at least i have some normality sometimes, keep the faith with the specialists and press on , some of us will get closure at some point.
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replied October 18th, 2007
Me 2
Hi everyone,

I've had these same symptoms too but I am
ABSOLUTELY sure "Why".

I had a ton of dental work done and when the
permanent bridge work was cemented on, I could
tell that it wasn't even.

It consistently and persistently pressed on the
nerve at the top of tooth #7 which is my eye tooth.

The buccal never branch begins at that very point.

Once I saw this, I was able to trace the pain to all the
other branches of the facial nerve.

My pain starts at tooth #7 and it runs first up the side
of my nose and gives me the feeling of stuffiness.
It then runs up behind my optic nerve which gives me
the feeling of a stabbing pain in my eyes.

It also gives me the sensation that my eyelashes are
involved so I have found myself pulling out eyelashes
(but only the ones that follow the path of the facial nerves).

Next, I have the pain over the eye brow, just above the
eyelashes that I am pulling out.

The pain now runs over my forehead and then over
the top of my head and down my cervical spine.

My pain continues right into the shoulder and back
at around the L-6 disc space.

Now, that's one route of the pain.

The next runs lateral from my nose to my ear.

During all of this, my hearing has diminished and
my eye droops from time to time both top and bottom.

The dentist who did the original work tells me I'm crazy.


When the bridge work finally loosened, the pain went away.

When the bridge work comes off, my eye returns to normal,
the pain in my neck goes away and my facial numbness and
drooping goes.

I have found a Prosthodontist that I am putting
myself in the hands of and I plan on winning this war.

So, the reason I write this is because I sick and tired
of people telling me that I'm crazy, that this couldn't possibly
be happening.

Guess What...If it's happening to me and it happening
to all of you, then we are NOT crazy.

Please let me know if anyone else here has undergone
any dental work or had any trauma to tooth #7.

BTW...Tooth #7 would be your eye tooth.

Hope this helps, you all certainly have helped me.

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replied October 29th, 2007
Face Pain Also
I have suffered for over 4 years. Used to have just temple sided...then broke my nose and now get this horrible cheek pain which spreads to my eye, ear and neck...Usually on the right side but once in a while on the left.
Drs. think I am nuts. Execpt chiropractor and naturopathic dr.
Seems to be related to the nose break...pain started just after that time.
Nasal irrigation helps a bit, but only for about an hour. Hot water bottle provides some relieif.
Good luck to all...will keep checking back to see if any news/solutions/results.
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