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Feeling tired all the time

Hi. I am a 29 year old bachelor and haven't eaten well since I finished college 4 years ago. I eat a lot of tv dinners and fast food (i try not to get the greasy stuff). Anyway, for about 3 years, I have felt tired, short of breath and now feel like I am lacking mental capacity (and I have always been sharp and energetic). About a 2 years ago I started getting ringing in my ears and as of late, my hair is getting pretty thin. I also feel depressed at times (usually due to lack of energy). I have been to the doctors, but they can't find anything wrong. Could these symptoms be from my poor diet? Are there any cleansing diets I could to to purge myself and begin restoring my health? Any help would be terrific!!!
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replied November 25th, 2005
Do you use a multivitamin? If not sundown and puritan have the best products on the market. An omega 3 supplement would be perfect given your habits. These help with circulation, mental focus, etc.
Don't try any energy drinks with taurine, use a calcium, magnesium, zinc supplement. Of course speak with your medical provider, but all my clients have benefited greatly from small supplementation and some planning in advance for meals.
If you have a day off. Cook some chicken breasts and healthy sides, enough for a few days. Get rid of the processed food. With most of those products your not getting what meets the eye.
Truth is, with the demands of this world most people take better care of a vehicle than themselves.
Good luck
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