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Was Wondering....please Respond

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~*~ hey ladies =-) I was just wondering ive been haveing a lot of pain in that general area....To where sometimes I can barly walk or lift my leg/legs high lol but ive allso been haveing braxtonhicks....How long normally after braxton hicks do the reall big time contractions start? Like a week or 2....Ive been haven braxtonhicks for about 2 weeks so far but sometimes I do get a bad pain with a couple lol....But if ya could answer id be more then thankful!!! =-) thanku for listen ladies!~*~

oh n by the way im 36w2days =-)

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replied October 27th, 2005
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I was having braxton hicks when I was only in my 6 month of pregnancy. It's perfectly normal to have them anywhere from a few weeks to several months before you have real contractions. It just all depends on the woman and the pregnancy. Good luck :-)
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