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Should I Take Another Shot? Am I Pregnant?

Pls help. I recently took a bc injection (for 2mths) after a normal period. My first period after the injection came normally (28th day) but was very light (i have normal periods for 5 days). The bleeding was on for 2 days (light) and then had a brownish discharge for another 12 days.
My 2nd period is due soon (today/tomorrow) but I have had breast tenderness for about a week. My breast have felt heavy and quite sore around the nipple. The tenderness is reducing but still there. This is new for me (the duration of the tenderness. I usually have tenderness a day or two before my periods and not so painful/heavy).

I have also put on some weight (about 4kg) since I took the injection.
I have recently taken to exercising and not sure if the breast tenderness is due to the exercise (not worn sports bra during training).
I am due for another shot of the bc injection and not sure if I want to ...Cos of the weight gain, tenderness, light period and discharge.

I have not seen my gp, waiting to see if my period will come and what it will be like this time
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replied November 3rd, 2005
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Why would you even consider taking a shot if you may be pregnant???
That would be like an abortion
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replied November 8th, 2005
I was on the shot and my period completely stopped for 7 months (side effect depo-provera causes-if thats the one your on). No need for alarm. In clinical trials I think 2 out of thousands of women got pregnant while on the shot and that was with typical use. Chances of getting pregnant on that shot are slim to none and the chances of it causing later infertility is too high to risk if you want children. That shot isn't for everyone. Wasn't for me anyway! Good luck honey!
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