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I'm 19 And I Think I'm Pregnant!

I was ovalating on october 9-15 I had sex with my boyfriend on the 11th and he accidently came every since then he sleeps all day and eats heavy when only I sleep and have heavy discharge that is clear white and comes out in chunks I know it may sounds gross but I get a mirror and put it down there and look at all the white mucus it looks like I just got finish having intimacy and theres all the after stuff I hope I am pregant i've been trying for about a year now! But I was thinking it was to early to be going through these signs plus I have pains in my lower stomach area I thinking maybe a uti or yeast infection. I don't know when I supposed to start my period it changes every month aug. It was the 30 sep. It was the 29 and before that it use to be the 1st and online monthly cycle chart says it should start on the 25th that means it's late now it says the 27th!!! Help I want to be pregant!!
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replied October 26th, 2005
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