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Goji And Great Sex

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Goji and great sex

you're never too old for great sex
if you watch primetime tv dramas or listen to lyrics of current pop songs, you might think that sex is only for younger adults. This simply isn’t true. Sexual feelings and desires are with us throughout our entire lives. In fact, according to the mayo foundation for medical research and education, most people still have sexual fantasies and desires well into their 80s and 90s.

In 1999, an important aarp (american association for retired persons) study asked mature americans:
"is a satisfying sexual relationship important to your quality of your life?"

percentage of respondents answering yes:

age men women

45-59 74% 66%

60-74 61% 48%

75 years and older 50% 44%

source: aarp/modern maturity sexuality study, washington, dc, 1999

unlike past generations, few of us today are willing or ready to give up feeling active and alive just because we are growing older. As we progress inevitably from youth into middle age and beyond, we want to partake – for as long as possible – in those pleasurable activities that keep us feeling young. That includes enjoying intimate relationships.

A healthy sexual relationship can benefit every aspect of your life, including your physical health and self-esteem. And although sex in your middle or later years may be a bit different from the way it was in your twenties, it can be every bit as enjoyable and fulfilling. All that’s required is an understanding of the normal changes that are taking place in your body and your partner’s body. These changes can affect your ability to have and enjoy sex and, if not addressed, they can result in difficulties with arousal or performance (sexual dysfunction). Results from a national survey of people aged 18 to 59 years reported in the journal of the american medical association indicate that sexual dysfunction is common among both women (43 percent) and men (31 percent).

What drives your sex drive? Your libido (sex drive) is regulated by the hormone testosterone. Although classified as a male hormone, testosterone is produced by both men and women. As you age, your body produces less testosterone. The result? Your interest in sex may diminish significantly.

Revive your sex drive

the noted herbalist ron teeguarden reports that in chinese studies, goji was shown to markedly increase testosterone levels in the blood, increasing libido in test subjects.

Coping with change
men and women experience different changes in their bodies as they age.

testosterone is not the only hormone that affects your desire for sex and sexual pleasure. As you approach menopause, you may experience a drop in levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. This causes vaginal tissues to become thinner, drier, and less flexible, which can make sexual activity uncomfortable or even painful. Longer foreplay and the use of water-based lubricants can help, and having intercourse regularly actually helps maintain lubrication and elasticity.

Changing hormone levels can also cause you to have problems sleeping, and can result in heavy, irregular, or lengthy menstrual periods. You may find yourself feeling too tired or ill to enjoy sex.

Emotional factors can also affect your desire for sex. The association of reproductive professionals informs us that at least 50 percent of problems with sexual desire have to do with relationships. For example, partners may have problems communicating with one another about their feelings in general, or their sexual needs. They may have boring sexual routines, or may no longer feel sexually attracted to each other. Feeling drained or stressed about your life situation — your job, finances, children — and other factors can also cause you to lose interest in sex.

Your body image is also important. If you feel that things like gray hair or wrinkles make you less attractive or desirable to your sexual partner, then you may find yourself looking to avoid sex.

as you age, it might take you longer to achieve an erection. Your erections may be less firm and may not last as long. After climax, it may take longer before an erection is again possible. Some men may find they need more foreplay.

As men get older, erectile dysfunction (ed) becomes more common. Also referred to as impotence, ed is the loss of ability to have and sustain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

According to the national institute on aging, by age 65, about 15 to 25 percent of men have this problem at least one out of every four times they are having sex. This may happen in men with heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes — either because of the disease or the medicines used to treat it.

Freedom from stress and distraction are required elements for male arousal and sexual performance. If you are overly stressed with worries about how you will perform, it can trigger impotence. Ample reserves of stamina and endurance are also necessary for a stress-free sexual experience.

Goji fights fatigue, boosts stamina

an animal study showed that goji’s master molecule polysaccharides induced a remarkable increase in exercise tolerance and stamina, and helped to eliminate fatigue.

Beating health-related sexual dysfunction
illness, disability, and medications can affect your ability to have and enjoy sex. But, even the most serious health problems don’t have to stop you from having a satisfying sex life.

joint pain can make sexual contact uncomfortable. Exercise, rest, warm baths, and changing the position or timing of sexual activity can be helpful.

Goji activates arthritis-fighting enzyme

an important study in china found that the ingestion of goji resulted in a remarkable 40 percent increase of the body’s most powerful anti-inflammatory enzyme.

although many men with diabetes do not have sexual problems, this is one of the few illnesses that can cause impotence.

Goji and diabetes

goji has been used in china for the treatment of adult-onset diabetes for many years, as it is said to balance blood sugar and insulin response.

Heart disease
narrowing and hardening of the arteries known as atherosclerosis can change blood vessels so that blood does not flow freely. This can lead to trouble with erections in men, as can high blood pressure.

Some people who have had a heart attack are afraid that having sex will cause another attack. The chance of this is very low. Most people can start having sex again 3 to 6 weeks after their condition becomes stable following an attack, if their doctor agrees.

Take heart with goji

the effects of goji on endothelial function were observed by jia yx et al (1998) in china. Their results showed that the increase of blood pressure in hypertensive rats could be prevented significantly by treatment with goji polysaccharides.

Tips for a lifetime of better sex

communicate with your partner. Ask about his or her needs and ways that you can accommodate each other.

Make changes to your routine. For example, try sex in the morning – when you have the most energy.

Try new positions. You might find one that’s more comfortable for you and your partner.

See your doctor if you think you have a health problem that is stopping you from enjoying sex.

Eat a balanced diet, with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fluids.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, at least 3 days per week.

Avoid alcohol, as excessive use decreases sexual function in both men and women.

Try to reduce the stress in your life.

Keep a positive outlook on life.

And, most importantly, drink goji juice every day.

Goji berries have been traditionally regarded in asia as a longevity, strength-building, and sexual potency food of the highest order. In several study groups with elderly people, the berry was given once a day for three weeks. The results showed that spirit and optimism increased significantly in all patients.

Additionally, nearly all patients reported improved appetite and better quality of sleep. More than 35 percent of the patients saw a marked recovery of sexual function.

The goji berry is also legendary for helping to spark the passions. In fact, an old chinese proverb cautions men who are traveling far from their wives and families: "he who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji!"

usual dosage level
research and traditional use suggest a daily intake of 3 to 4 ounces of high-quality standardized goji juice, taken with meals. An additional 2 to 4 ounces may be taken before sexual activity if desired.
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