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Tingling Sensation In Hand And Arm

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For the past week I have been experiencing a very slight tingling sensation in my right hand and it can extend up to my elbow. It generally occurs when I exert pressure on this hand, whether it be by pushing or pulling. Many years ago I had a cyst removed from the backside of this hand. Could it be from that? In the past I have occassionally experienced sharp pains that have left my hand numb, but only for a few seconds. This has only occured when I have put the weight of my body on my hand, like pushing myself up or something of that nature. I guess my biggest fear is that it may be circulation related. Please advise.
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replied August 5th, 2003
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I'm pretty sure I can relate to your problem. I've known many people to have the same thing.

I'm convinced it's tendonitus.

Here's my suggestion: take vitamin b suppliments (try b6 and b50) daily for the next 6 months, and I can almost guarantee you'll see good results. In the meantime when it hurts, take some ib profin.

The description you gave me is identical to what I had. Vitamin b cured my tendonitus. I'm a bodybuilder and it effects me no more. I'd strongly suggest it to you. Cool

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