Have You Told Your Parents?
Yes, They didnt Care
Yes, they hate the fact that i am gay
No, but going to
No, never gonna tell them
50%  50%  [ 8 ]
6%  6%  [ 1 ]
12%  12%  [ 2 ]
18%  18%  [ 3 ]
12%  12%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 16
Hey I am 16 years old and I have been gay for about 4 years now if not longer. I recently started coming out to my friends and they are taking it just fine but what scares me is the fact the I know I need to tell my parents someday. My brother and sister know and as far as I know they dont care and support me. So if you have any advice on how to tell your parents you are gay please tell me.
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replied November 7th, 2005
Only you know your parents, hon.

I didn't come out until I was 18. I battled from age 15 until I graduated high school, but I didn't feel ready to tell my parents until then.

The amusing thing is, my parents already suspected... And actually asked me if I was gay... So, I didn't really have to approach them... I just had to be truthful.

It only makes sense to be scared and nervous. My suggestion is to try and tell them at a calm, serene moment... And not in the heat of anger or emotion.

Whatever you decide, I wish you much luck.
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replied November 7th, 2005
You have a beautiful start going dear.
I came out the same way too.
It took about three years before I came out to my mom, but she seems careless about it and is rather a free-lance mom.
Being calm and comfortable about it is the best way to approch it when you feel like it's time.
But if you keep feeling uncomfortable about it, you could try holding out till you move out sweetie.
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replied May 17th, 2006
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They Already Know...
I hate to say it, and don't take this wrong, but they probibably already know.

I haven't officially come out to anyone but most of my friends and a good nuber of my family are just waiting for me to be the one to say it outloud first.

It is easier for a female to hide it but for male's, or at least all of those I have known, it is noticible if you are really close to the person.

I know that when I make an official statement my father will accept it because he has mentioned it many times in the past that "if" I were to come out he would support me.

Look at how they act twards other's or to tv shows exc. To gague how they will react. But no matter if they are homophobes or not you are still their child...That does go a long way towards acceptance.

I wish you the best but unfortunately it will either go as planned or things will explode and it will take time for the wounds to heal.

Either way, it won't last forever...They can't deny who you are any more then you can and eventually theywill come to terms with that.

Good luck!
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