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Need to Talk to Someone With Cervical Cancer, Any1 Help?

Hi everyone, my name is tammy and I am a university of new hampshire student. I am a journalism student and as is required by my class, I have to do articles every week. (very stressful) this week, we are doing a social issue and I have chosen to write about cervical cancer and the new vaccine that is 100 percent effective for protection against hpv, which is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer. It is such a huge and significant breakthrough! I am asking for anyone's help to hear their story about having cervical cancer, specifically if it is from hpv. I woudl be really interested to learn more about it and it would really help me out with my research and writing my article. I would love to tell your story and show how it will have an impact on future, younger generations. Thanks soo much :)

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