I am 40 years old and have been told I have periodontal disease - my dentist is going to do a scaling and root planing - another dentist told me my teeth are loose but I dont feel like they are. This has scared me because I dont want my teeth dropping out! I am going to keep my mouth spotless after my scaling and cleaning but want to know has anyone else been told their teeth are loose and they dont feel like they are? Is it too late for me lol?
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replied June 25th, 2007
I Cured My Gum Disease With Jarrah Honey
My gum disease cure. I am thirty years old. When I was 27 I was told that I had advanced periodontal disease. At the time I had been reading about Australian Jarrah honey. I began flossing my teeth with it, pushing the honey deep down into the periodontal pockets. I was flossing three or four times a day and within weeks my gums had stopped bleeding. The pockets slowly began to close up. Three years on I a virtually pocket free. I only have one small pocket remaining. The worst one I had is now about a third of the size it used to be. Over the last three years I have had no cavities develop. If you cannot get jarrah honey, find the most medicinal honey available in your country, or E mail me and I may be able to help. It is also a good idea to look at why the disease developed in the first place eg, vitamin c deficiency. Good luck.
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replied May 13th, 2008
Jarrah Honey
I have a loose tooth and receeding gums. I can feel a pocket at the roof of my mouth where the loose tooth is. How do you stop this thing? Can honey alone do this?
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replied January 21st, 2015
Definitely , This all is because of poor dental care but i would like to tell you that just visit your dentist asap as it is not an ordinary problem.It could be a serious one in future.Don't worry! Just go for it everything will be fine.
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replied May 14th, 2008
what cause periodontal disease is plaque (food + bacteria that live in our mouth) when this plaque stay for a long time near thegums it cause inflamation on the gums and inflamation cause bon loss and bleeding. Removing this plaque daily with the floss prevents periodontal disease formation a progression, that medical honey it is not the one that get rid of the periodontal disease ,the thing is that when you floss with that honey you are FLOSSING the plaque away at the same time so relieving your gums from what is causing the inflamation.

And NO dont use bee honey because it contains sugar and you will be nourishing the bacterias so you will end with more periodontal disease and also a lot of cavities.

hope that this information help !
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replied May 7th, 2009
Treating Advanced Gum Disease
To all who think they may have the symptons of gum disease here are my tips
1.If you smoke give up and this will help in your treatment.
2. Get a good dentist who you want to devise a treatmant plan with, it will cost but I think keeping your teeth is the bigger cost.
3. Eat anything with Vitamin A,C,D and E.
4. Get an electric toothbrush , use a sensitive toothpaste start off with flossing but Te-Pe are better to use but make sure they fit your teeth.Get a good mouth wash and use uptwice a day.
5. Start with the treatment plan, deep pocket descaling, no pain means no gain and start to aim to reduce the pocket sizes, bleeding and plaque.
6. Extra advise brush straight after eating, flush also by drinking water and when not possible use gum recognised by the dentist board.
7. Finally give it time.

I have been having traetment now for 6 months the results are fantastic I halved the gum disease and reduced plaque and my teeth do not bleed anymore. I have further treatment to go and I want to be 100% free of gum disease and it will probably take another 6 months.

Good Luck , don't give up it could cost you your smile
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replied November 5th, 2009
About a year ago I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. I’d always had receding gums, but now I had pockets that were 4s and 5s. What really shocked me is that now I had to go to the dentist every three months for cleanings that cost over $800 since I had no insurance. YIKES!!! My friend has periodontal disease in her family and had managed to improve hers by using a pick, so that gave me hope. But it was way too hard for me to keep up with. You basically pick into the pockets with one of those rubber-tip thingies. Anyway! I researched it and decided to try this peppermint oil stuff. It’s natural and easy to use. You just brush with it. That and flossing after every meal turned my disease around in less than three months. I don’t have perfect gums, but I no longer have deep enough pockets to need the cleanings. And no more sensitive teeth or bleeding/swollen gums.
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replied May 23rd, 2010
I'm 40year old and I have a severe periodontal disease.
It is a diagnosis of periodontal specialists. They recommended only one way treatment- extraction all my teeth and install all mouth implants. I just wandering-is it dentistry of 21 century or cave men's method of treatment?
Maybe dentists like/looking for huge amount work, so for good money? Is it only way of modern dentistry?
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replied October 18th, 2010
Daily dental care for perio problems
I am a dental hygienist and work for very conservative dentists. We suggest dental cleaning every 3 month for our patients with perio problems. On a daily basis do the following: brush at least twice a day using Colgate Total(it's the best antibacterial toothpaste) brush for 2mins. If possible, buy an Oral B electric toothbrush (they start at $20). Replace your brush every 3 months.
Rinse 2x/day with Listerine Antiseptic full strength. If your pockets are deeper than 4mm, use a Water Pik daily - this will flush out the pocket. Interdental stimulators are good to use and there are a variety of them on the market -i.e. go betweens, stimudents, proxibrushes etc. Try to eliminate bleeding by continually cleaning your gums.
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replied January 21st, 2012
My Periodental disease, and finally getting it fixed :)
Hi, im 30 and after realising my two front bottom teeth were loose and had bleed for years, im just too scared of dentists and am paying for it Sad
After a Xray he seen one tooth to the side of the two loose ones had come out of the socket, it wasnt loose and i was shocked ! So as a result i had my four lower front teeth extracted and had a metal and fibreglass plate made up that that hooks around my canines. I have to have it adjusted cause my gum is receding which is annoying because im a busy lady lol and i cant eat or chew gum with it :/ Kissing etc is fine though Wink
Its ok though, it looks 100% real and when i get this problem fixed and braces after ( and a boob job to boot ! haha Ive been saving for 10 years Smile Im going to have to save again maybe $6,000 aud to get a dental implant cause this plate is excuse the french.. shite lol but after all this cash and frustration.... Im gunna be one happy woman/mum Smile
i went to the Orthodontist and the greedy man still took my consultation fee, he straight up looked in my mouth he said i needed to see a Periodontist to fix the four front top gum before any work could be done. I wanted to talk about what type of ones i could get This Invasiglin or metal, whats faster ?? etc etc He didnt say anything just pushed me out saying i needed to return to my dentist $180 bucks for diddly squat and i was cranky at the dentist for not telling me this at the last scale and clean.
So i have an $280 appointment on the 22nd of Feb 2012. Will a Periodontist So i'll be back to tell you what happens.
I honestly wouldnt ignore it, as im learning.... Tooth loss is imminent, it might take 5 years or 20 years but it will happen.
I suggest getting a referral from a doctor to a periodontist to get it fixed because even though you may find things to reduce the symptoms, it wont go away without actually getting it fixed Smile It suxs and its expensive, but you have to weight up keeping your teeth by saving up, or ....... looking like un upside down vampire like me at the moment lol Smile
Hope your well Smile x
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replied March 10th, 2012
I am seeing a periodontist at the end of the month,still searching for information to be prepared and ask as many questions as possible. I know I will loose some teeth and this is not nice since I moved to Norway and still search for a full time job, and have 3 small kids. Who will employ a woman with no teeth in the front, not to mention the expenses:(
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replied September 17th, 2012
Hi, Suggesting you to maintain a good oral hygiene , Gum Diseases depending on the damage and infection can be treated by various Periodontal Treatments including - Scaling, Deep Cleaning, Root Planing, Flap Surgery, Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting . Gum Infections can be prevented by regular Brushing, Flossing and Professional cleaning .
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replied November 20th, 2013
Is it possible to have advanced periodontitis 5 months after you see a dentist? Wouldn't this disease have most likely been present when the dentist first saw you? How long does it take to develop bone loss and gum pockets? I'm very interested to get any professional comments.
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replied April 12th, 2014
Easily remove gum disease
The teeth are the important part of our body by which we eat foods. If you are suffering from gum disease in your teeth then you are spending a bad life because it is very serious disease that affects you in the future. To overcome this disease applies easy whitening tips daily and if you are in serious situation then meat to a dental specialist and use the medicated product four your teeth.
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replied September 8th, 2014
RPE treatment for Perio! Amazing!
I'm only 29 years old. Periodontal disease runs in my family. I'll admit that the care I've taken of my mouth has been suboptimal. I had pocket depths ranging from 3mm-8mm in some of my back molars, with some mild mobility in my front teeth(Scary!!). I'd brush my teeth extremely delicately, and they still would bleed nearly 100% of the time. I even became scared to floss in fear that I'd push back my already receding gums & make them bleed more.

Through my research to find not only a cheaper cure, but one that didn't include cutting away healthy tissue/tissue that is restorable. I also obviously was looking for options that may also include such incentives as short recovery time and didn't result in tons of pain or even looser/more recessed gums.

I'm soooo happy that I found the RPE treatment. I flew from my home in PA to WA. With the flight, cost of script, cost of blood testing, xrays, and procedure... it still came to be less expensive than the other traditional treatments. Not only was it cheaper, but every single thing I was hoping for in a treatment seemed to exist within the RPE procedure.

Others who had posted about having gotten the procedure all had good-great things to say about RPE.

I decided for half the cost of LANAP, this was a great choice for me. Can I please tell you all HOW HAPPY I AM WITH RPE!!! Judy and the staff were incredibly sensitive with me. I was a bit emotional when finding out the true severity of my disease, and they were so gentle and comforting with me.

My full RPE procedure took about 4-5 hours. The worst part for some may be getting the numbing needles, and for others it may be holding your mouth open for this long stretch of time. Honestly, neither were terrible at all, very tolerable, especially considering the potential rewards.

I felt nothing... NOTHING during the procedure. Judy and the team made sure I was fully numbed. Once I got done my 5 hour procedure, I immediately hopped on my flight back to PA. As the numbness wore off, I was shocked that I had practically no pain!!! Even after scraping crud out from under my gums, they looked and felt more secure to the teeth than they have in a very long time. This effect was seen nearly immediately.

I had some very very mild jaw pain from holding my mouth open for hours, and some very very mild acute soreness from the injection site... but really, I'd expected true pain and discomfort. There truly was none.

About 12 hours after my treatment, I arrived back home in PA, and brushed my teeth. As I said, they bled 100% of the time before. The veryyy first time I brushed after the procedure, I had no blood at all!! And I haven't had blood at all since then!!

Another great thing about RPE is that there are no post-op restrictions. You can eat, drink, and smoke(if you do this) as you normally would immediately. There is 0 pain!

Post-op care is basic. For me, I need a script to help reduce my bone loss. I use a my sonicare with sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth. After that, I water pik. Everyone must get this device! It is $35 at CVS and is incredibly incredible. You will be SHOCKED at how much crap is stuck in your teeth even after a very vigorous brushing and swishing. I use this after I brush each night before bed. Lastly, I rinse with alcohol-free mouthwash. I use Closys, as was recommended by Judy. Rinsing after meals is something I've been told to do, with a mix of baking soda, water, and xylitol. A tip for you guys too... I've found great xylitol chocolate candies on amazon. You'd never know it wasn't sugar. Consider switching, as sugar kills your teeth, and xylitol is actually good for them!

I'm 1 month post-op, and very pleased. My 3 month checkup is in November, and I have no doubt of the obv improvement here. Anyone with Qs, feel free to write me! They're lifesavers... really!!!
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replied September 18th, 2014
Number 1: Daily Dental Routine

- Brush your teeth at least twice a day. This is probably the easiest thing that you can do to prevent gum disease. Brush your teeth once in the morning after breakfast, and once before bedtime.

- Flossing once daily is important as well, as flossing helps to remove any food particles or plaque that may remain in between teeth after brushing. Correct tooth brushing, mouth cleansing, and flossing should be everyone’s defense against periodontal disease.

- Brush your tongue. Did you know that plaque on the tongue can cause bad breath and is an ideal environment for bacteria? In fact, there are even products available called tongue scrapers right next to the toothbrushes at your local drug store.

Not only will your body thank you for this needed maintenance but your loved ones will thank you for not having bad breath. Don’t you just love the feeling of a sparkling clean mouth?

Products to go above and beyond: Fluoride toothpaste, sugar-free gum with xylitol, electronic toothbrush from Sonicare and tongue scraper.

Number 2: Regular Dental Visits

Schedule regular dental checkups and deep cleanings every 6 months. There are limitations to what you can do on your own to prevent periodontal disease. Dr. David Di Loreto has sophisticated technologies that allow him to provide deep cleaning and diagnose problems early. Your dentist will be able to remove plaque that hardens into tartar and clean around your gums in those hard to reach areas. Getting regular treatment will prevent plaque buildup, receding gums, cavities and tooth loss, all of which are associated with periodontal disease. You should have your teeth cleaned professionally at least twice every year.

Gum Disease is relatively painless, and people may not be aware of the problem. That is why a professional examination by your general dentist is very important. If the condition is severe, it may lead to bone loss in the upper and lower jaw. So don’t let it get to that point, see your dentist.

Number 3: Eating Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods and making well-balanced dietary decisions affect your oral health just as they affect the rest of your body’s health. You have heard for many years that it is important to avoid snacks and drinks with sugar. It is equally important to eat healthy foods that include whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy can boost the body’s immune system, allowing it to fight bacteria formed in the mouth. Look for foods that are high in vitamins C, A and E, along with other key antioxidants like bioflavonoid and zinc, in your diet. Drinking plenty of water increases the production of saliva, reducing the chances for the bacteria that cause gum disease to thrive. Good nutrition is important for adult and is vital for children. For more information on making healthy food decisions ask Dr. David Di Loreto during your oral health exam.

Tasty treats that are also healthy: Mozzarella and other cheeses, peanuts, yogurt, and milk are good for your teeth. They help clear the mouth of harmful sugars and protect against plaque.

Periodontal disease is a serious condition. Dr. David Di Loreto is an expert in diagnosing and preventing gum disease. We hope these three easy tips to preventing periodontal disease are helpful. In addition avoid smoking to help prevent gum disease. Smoking causes dryness in the mouth, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and do damage. Since more than one half of the cases of periodontal disease affecting American adults can be attributed to cigarette smoking, researchers now believe that smoking may be the major preventable risk factor for the disease.

As your trusted, lifelong dental partners, Dr. David Di Loreto in Detroit, MI wants to keep you and your loved ones as healthy as possible. Let us know if you have any other questions about your oral health. And share this information with someone you know by clicking on one of the links below. Staying informed helps us all stay healthier.
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replied April 20th, 2015
Hi, Since few days i’ve been under periodontal treatment in a well known dental clinic Stephen Mocrae Dentistry Professional Corporation in Barrie. My dentist told me that I have loose teeth and receding gums. I’m literally scared because I don't want my teeth dropping out. Will this periodontal treatment help me out to fix my teeth and heal my gums? Advices and suggestions are welcome.
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replied May 4th, 2015
Effects of periodontal disease may be less or very sever. It may be just inflammation of gum, or damage to the soft tissue and bone that supports teeth. And the worst result of this disease may be teeth lost.
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replied January 10th, 2016
If your problem is caused by tartar, you should check out a product by GumRemedy.com. The product is very effective to cure this kind of gum disease.

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