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6 Month Needles

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Nathan got his 6 month needles this afternoon at 1pm, and he is upset now.

This is the first time he has taking any kind of reaction to them. I gave him some baby tylenol, but it hasn't kicked in yet. I can't even so much as pick him up or play with him because both his legs are sore and he cries, and cries.

I feel so bad he has these huge alligator tears.

I know its better to have a little bit of soreness and discomfort now, then to catch a fatal illness, but my poor baby!!!!!

Any home remedies out there that I could try. I hope I am not in for a bad night with him.

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replied October 19th, 2005
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Aw, Poor Baby!
The little boy I babysit is now 8 months old. He got sick with his 6 month shots. But all I can suggest is a lot of cuddles and kisses from mommy. Those seem to help. Just try your best not to poke at an already sore point. Just think, in a day or so, it will pass.
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