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Why Are All Media Stories So Extreme? Diet Industry?

My mother-in-law knows that I have anorexia. She saved an article in a women's magazine for me about a middle aged women's struggle with anorexia. The article really didn't give much information. The woman in question only ate lettuce at dinnertime, never anything else. Other anorexia stories have someone who fasts for several days or like her only eats one or a couple low fat foods once a day. Unfortunately, you don't have to be that bad continuously to have anorexia.
In the same issue, there was a lose weight quick diet of 1400 calories that gave 5 meal ideas for each meal. By following the plan, you could expect to lose around 8 pounds per month.
Does anyone see a problem here?
This article is telling you how you can become anorexic. If you are highly active, just doing this diet and sticking with it will probably cause you to become anorexic. Even if you aren't as active or have a lower metabolism, you can easily modify it by leaving out foods that you don't really like or feel like eating thus allowing you to continue to lose weight even after you are underweight.
There are long term anorexics out there that don't realize that they have a problem because they aren't eating much worse (or healthy in their view) than people on "healthy diets". They aren't really starving themselves like those real anorexics who go days without eating or only eating lettuce at dinnertime.
This just bothers me.
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