Hi I am 29 years old and 3 years ago I had extreme pain in my right side under my breast. Worse than that I had a pain that radiated from my belly button area up into my chest this caused me to have trouble breathing and I was sweating to the point of water dripping of me the pain was slightly relieved by pressing down just below my breast bone.
At the time I tried indegestion remedies and pain killers but it had not affect I went to see my doctor who sent me to hospital I had blood tests and was told my liver enzymes were raised I then had an ultra sound and told I need to have my gallbladder removed and I was put on the waiting list.

Since then I have not had to many problems I control it through low fat diet but occasionally when I do eat a fatty meal I take buscopan before I eat this seems to help.

Now when I do get an attack I don't get much pain in my side just a slight ache that is very tender to touch the worst pain is the pain that rises up from my stomache I feel I need to have a bowel movement but cant instead I just sit there sweating and unable to breathe properly I then go back to bed but have to sit upright for a couple of hours holding my chest.

The day after this attack I sometimes get diarrhea and/or constipation with painful stomach cramps.

In the last few months I have put on some weight and have become very tired all the time to the point that I sometimes feel to weak to get out of bed my doctor has put me on anti depressents and said I may have a grumbling gallbladder.

I am sorry about the long message but I need to know if anyone else suffers this and if you think it is a gallbladder problem.

I am waiting to have my gallbladder out in december but have had no further tests in the past three years other than a recent blood test that showed slight raised liver profile.

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replied October 21st, 2005
It certainly sounds as though all your symptoms are gb related. Stick to a very low fat diet & that should help.
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