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Tmj Vertigo Description...please Help!

I've had tmj for years with almost all the symptoms.
I also have anxiety. 8 months ago my dad died and since then i've also had vertigo. I 've been so worried, reading all about vertigo on the internet (brain tumors, ms) hardly ever do you find tmj!!
I wonder if some of you would send a description of the feelings of vertigo you have??. My vertigo doesn't fit the usual (medical) description .
- I have painful trigger points in the back of my head, base of skull.
- almost always feels like i'm walking on a dock. The ground mildly heaves upward or downward.
I don't feel really spinny or lightheaded or off balance at all.

Thank you!!!!
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replied November 13th, 2005
I am currently feeling the exact same thing. It also seems to affect my eyesight which I have read is common.

I have read that this is a result not only of the tmj but the anxiety which goes along with it.

We are suppossed to get rest but, of course, the anxiety prevents us from getting the rest we need.

Here are some ideas which have proved helpful so far:
mouth exercises, use with caution, they run the gambit from just plain stupid to painful. The best I found was saying the word emma over and over again, slowly. This, apparently, places your jaw in a resting motion and if said before bed it can help prevent some clenching at night.

Aromatherapy, believe it or not, seems to work especially lavender, at least for me.

Water - drink 8 glasses a day. This helps to loosen the muscles

eat right and exercise, so far this has been my hardest but if you make sure you do not eat anything after 6-7 o'clock at night and also have very little to drink after this time, you sleep better.

Breathing exercises, inhale for 4 seconds (or as long as you can up to that) and exhale for 6 seconds (or as long as you can up to that). Repeat. If you wake up at night, this is a good technique for getting back to sleep.

What we are currently in, is a cycle and breaking that cycle is the hard part. I hope this helps and works for you.
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