September 28th, 2015
I'm 15 and I been having the same symptoms but is it normal for someone my age?
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replied November 2nd, 2015
Hi, I have had the Palpitations sessions that last about an hour laying down, for a couple months.
When you bend over that's normal to feel palpitations...
I have somewhat normal blood pressure of 130/80 on average
When I experience anxiety attacks (cold rush and worry some) it can fluctuate up to 163/98 within seconds.
That's totally normal because anxiety can cause fluctuations of 40 in the top and 10 in the bottom, although in my case 18
I'm relatively fit and in my 20's.

I have had palpitations that felt like my heart is pounding and if you look hard enough you can see your heart beat all over your body.
Most can see it on your wrist, chest, neck, even you're belly if you have a close enough artery, fat or thin.
Most of these things are anxiety related and made worse by anxiety.

Stay calm and sleep on,
And a doctors visit to diagnose all your problems is gonna cost you about a $1,000 without insurance.
First thing he's going to tell you is reduce sodium intake to 50-75% DV don't drink or smoke and exercise 30 minutes minimum daily.
Tests include EKG, Stress test, Electro cardio gram, chest X-ray, bloodwork, halter monitor.
The most important one is gonna be that 24 hour halter moniter to see if you got an a fib.

If you do all the tests you're doctor wants and you're all good stop worrying.
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