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Weird Dull Pain On Right Side

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30 year old female. For about 3 years now I have had these on off dull pains on the right side of my stomach. I had my appendix taking out 5 months ago. They found a carcinoid tumor on th tip of the appendix. After that I felt fine till 2 months the pain came back in the same area. My bloodwork is fine too. No women issues either.
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replied October 19th, 2005
Hi! I had gastric bypass surgery in august of this year and I have been fine. But now I also have a dull pain on the right side of my abdomen (i had my appendix taken out in 2000). The pain is not general, it's only in one place. When I press down on it, it hurts. On the scale of pain between 1-10, it's between a 3-5. I think we should both go see a gastroenterologist. It's the best that we can do. Hope this helps...God bless!
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