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Questions About Possible Seizures

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I recently have had these tow experiences and am wondering if they are epileptic in nature.

One: while driving to work I suddenly felt like everything in my body stopped. It was quiet and calm as I pulled my car over. I don't remember breathing or a hearbeat, but it was so calm and painless I was confused. There was also a metallic tast I noticed that seemed to run down my throat.

Two: last night, while starting to drive through a parking lot, everything turned gray/black and I noticed wind blowing on my left side. The doors were close and the windows were closed at it was cold last night. I then noticed the same feelings as above and the metallic taste.

I have not gone to a doctor as I am scared, but I will go soon. This events were about two months apart. Please let me know what you think it could be.

Thank you.
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replied October 13th, 2005
Is anyone going to take a shot at this? I really would like some input.

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replied October 22nd, 2005
Re: Questions About Possible Seizures

i'm not entirely sure. I remember that when I had my first seizure, i, too, felt as if everything in my body had stopped for a moment -- I don't know if that was my mind playing a trick on me, or what. And keep in mind that my first seizure was a long, long time ago, and therefore my memory has grown weak.

But I am learning that people can experience a wide variety of things when they seizure, and a lot of their experiences have differed from mine. This said, it -might- be a possibility they are epileptic in nature. Still, it would be best to obviously get checked. Even though i've had epilepsy, i'm no expert! Sometimes the most difficult things to explain/put your finger on, are the things that happen to your own body.
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replied October 30th, 2005
Hi there,

i always experience a feeling of being removed from my body inputs, kinda like i'm there but i'm also not. Things feel, sound and appear strange, almost unfamilliar.
It's very difficult to explain because it always (for me) happens right before I lose consciousness and convulse.
I usually only recall this strange feeling long after I wake up.

Definately get yourself checked asap. Especially if you experienced this while driving.
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replied November 21st, 2005
I am new here but you sound like me... I had episodes that left me guessing for so long. It sounds like you should see the doctor especially since you were driving and since the 2 episodes had so much in common. I understand why you are scared to though; I was too... I am recent to dx though I have had seizures for a while.

I hope the doctor can help you figure out what is going on.
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