So, anyone got cravings yet. What's your fav nibble lolz....My favourit subject. Food.

Gave up smoking as soon as I found out I was expecting and have been eating like a horse ever since. What with the need to keep junior fed and to stop the nicotine cravings. I'm looking about 5 months pregnant already, and i'm only 13 weeks!

I am simply craving sweet and sour noodles with chicken! My local noodle bar make it exactly the way that I like it, but it is quite expensive for a lunch. The worst thing is the other week, I was taking my sister to the noodle bar, but couldn't resist going in during the week. I ended up sitting there eating on my own! Never done that before, but it tasted so good.

Lolz, the things these pregnancy hormones will drive you to!
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