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Swallowing Disorder

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Help ! I have had a "swallowing problem " for 2 yrs now- it was really bad last summer and I almost passed away from dehydration and not being able to eat- it got so bad my eyeballs stuck to my eyes and I couldn't open them- even a nurse I know couldn't start an iv in my hand due to my lack of hydration - due to not being able to swallow even the tiniest bit of water or food for months- my throat has two froms of swallowing problems - one that feels more food allergy-related and one more musclar- nerve type- when I eat or drink mucous in my lower throat accumulates and when I try to clear it- the tissues-muscles in my throat swell up ( my tonsills on the left are swollen all the time, and I can feel lumps when I touch the outside of my throat- it gets hard to breathe and whe I go to swallow- I can't- and it scares the piss out of me- the other kind is when I drink (water) and I go to swallow- but my brain doesn't get the signal to my throat and nothing happens- and I have no air going in or out- I have been to the doc's and had a barium swallow- and was treated like crap by the doctor- (he thought I was "too young" to have problems like this" I have a family history of 4 members with swallowing problems and I don't want to pass away from choking on my phlem or food- I am experiencing this problem right now and I can feel my throat swelling righ t now- it feels like I ate something allergic and my throat is swelling from the inside out- i'm scared to death and I don't know what else to due- I know I will end up in a coffin if I don't get some answers- could any doc out there help?

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