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Intense Pain When Consuming Anything

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This has been on going for 4 days now (the sickness) it started out with a slow moving temperature increasing up to 102.6, with no other symptoms. I was very light headed, and very weak. I stayed in bed 2 days and finally started taking tylenol every 8 hours for another 36 hours. Around this time is when the stomach pains began and I went to the hospital. They x-rayed me, did blood work, cat scanned, and after 10 hours I was released with a recommendation to go to a gastro- (something) doctor. 48 hours later the pains have not stopped.

- anytime I eat or drink any amount of any liquid (water, tea, apple juice) or solid (vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup, jello) I have an intense stabbing and tightening pain in my stomach. If I eat 1/4 spoonful the pains are less intense, but I can barely eat like this. I ate half a bowl of veggie soup yesterday and it took me almost an hour, in between pains.

Any advice, recommendations would be greatly appreciated, i'm at my witts end!

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