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Numb Around Eye And Hypersensitive to Light Changes!

I work with accounts that require intensely looking at a computer for extended periods of time (5 hours straight before lunch, 3 hours after lunch) as well as fine print on paper. After about 2.5 months of this I turned the light off one evening and my right eye saw things much darker than the left eye. It freaked me out so I turned the light back on and I have been miserable ever since, and am now on a medical leave of absence. Generally the left eye (“hurt eye”) feels numb above and/or below it most of the time. Sometimes the eye hurts in the back of it and around tit. There is pressure in that side of my face around my eye and it kind of feels like I am looking out glass. It is a strain to keep my eye open and look at things, and is hard to focus.
The hurt eye is extremely sensitive to contrasts of light (turning lights off). I periodically get spots (dime size) around my scalp that hurt real bad like bruises when touched. It keeps me up at night, and it has made me increasingly anxious! When there is too drastic of a light change (complete light to dark), it has made the injury seem to revert to an even worse state than it ever was (and that has happened 3 times in the 1.5 months of the injury). The doctors won’t give me the attention it needs to figure this out, either saying my eye itself looks healthy or it could be a thousand things.
I have been to general physicians, and optamologist, and an ophthalmologist. I can’t handle going through this pain, discomfort and anxiety and not even knowing what’s going on or how to help “it” (whatever “it” is) heal. Does anyone have an idea what this is? Even if it’s just an idea, I could at least discuss the possibility with a doctor at my hospital.
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replied November 27th, 2005
Similar Problem
Just recently I have begun to have this problem as well. Although mine hasn't been nearly as intense as yours. After a long amount of time on the computer (nothing out of the ordinary for the past 5-6 years) my one eye started to feel strained and then the surrounding area began to feel strained and then gradually went numb for a while. It now happens a lot more frequent. I went to an opthamologist and was told my eyes looked healthy and only suggested my problem could be caused by lazy eye -- which I have had since birth. My one eye is better than my other, so it would make sense that it would get strained easier, but like I said ... I have always spent long amounts of time on the computer (i run an internet business) -- it wasn't until just recently that this problem occured. At this point I am just hoping that eventually the problem will go away.

Please post again if you find anything out.
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