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Earbuds Causing Inner Ear Damage?

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I recently got my first ipod and have been enjoying listening quite a bit. At my job, I can comfortably keep the earbuds in most of the day, as I rarely have to talk to anyone. However, even when someone does speak to me, I have no problems hearing them over the music, as I always listen at a very low volume.

After listening for several hours on end, I begin to detect an inner-ear disturbance. I experience dizziness, mild tinnitus, queasiness, and a general feeling of being off-balance.

All the literature that I can seem to find indicates that inner-ear damage is only a concern when music is listened to at very high volumes over an extended period of time; I can find no references to low volumes being a concern at all.

Could this be a sign of some sort of underlying condition that I should seek medical attention for? Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening (short of having to not listen to music all the time, which would make me sad)?
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