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I'm too skinny How can I gain weight

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I am yet another woman complaining about looking too skinny.
I'm a stay at home mom of my 9 year old daughter who doesn't have me running all over as most kids do with their parents, i'm 31 yrs old, naturally active, i'm 5'6 small framed.

I have been at a great 122lbs before & looked great! This was before I got pregnant 9 years ago. I have been struggling with being underweight for almost 5 years now. I have always been thin my whole life but not being underweight.

I am always fluctuating between 103-107 lbs now. I drop weight easy in
1 day if I or if I don't intake the 3 meals plus the in between snacks & my chocolate milk.

I started drinking chocolate milk. Per each 2 cups are 420 calories. I drink a total of 6 cups & thought that would help.....Nope!

I try to do less to not try to burn off the weight may have that high metabolism as well as the others have expressed in this forum. There has to be a way to gain that weight somehow... I am so frustrated!! Ughh

I read what I need to try eating & I have, but just how much is recommended to see results. Being underweight can be seen as a blessing to some, but to those who "live it" it's horrible.... My self body image is poor. Help is appreciated. Thanks to those who respond.
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replied July 20th, 2010
needing your help
i am super dooper thin...and i hate it!!people will always tease me ..hey "WHY DONT YOU EAT A LOT!" but the problem is i eat a lot but i will still remain..thin!!is there some sort of medication needed..or i will be like this FOREVER..

please need your help..
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replied August 10th, 2010
You are definitely a hardgainer. Bulk on food, eat those filled with calories. Take in lots of grains like whole wheat bread and pastas. Dairy products such as whey can also help you gain weight. Also, get into weight training so that your muscles can be enhanced. You can do as much weight training as you want.
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replied August 10th, 2010
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I agree! Eat a lot of carbohydrates. But be sure to eat lots of fruit and vegetables too. The dairy should be helping, not sure why it isn't.

You can see a nutritionist about the problem. They should be able to help you.

Finally, are you stressed? Could there be something stressing you out?
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