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Mono And Jaundice?

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Hi room :)

my daughter's blood test has just come back positive for mono. She saw the doctor today (she's 18 - so I didn't see him with her) I asked her to tell him that I think she's looking a bit yellow. She looks as though she has a light suntan but usually she's very very white.

She says she asked and the doc just said her liver function test had been fine. When she had the blood test she wasn't looking yellow.

Does anyone know anything about jaundice and mono? The last time she was this colour was when she had baby jaundice.
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replied January 3rd, 2006
I know this is a bit late, but I too had mono a couple of years ago. Eb virus, but complicated by the doctor prescribing me penicillin. I ended up with hepatitis, an enlarged spleen and an itchy all over body rash. I was in hospital for 10 days and off work for 3 months.

I was very jaundiced and my alt/ast? Level reached over 1000. I was a normal colour within a couple of weeks, with just a bit of yellowing in the eyes.

I may also be allergic to penicillin after I recently took this for an ear infection and ended up with swollen itchy hands and feet (interestingly these were the only parts that were not affected the first time I had mono!) I was not allergic before, but it seems that I am hypersensitive to many things now whereas before the illess, I was perfectly normal and healthy.

My liver levels are also still very slightly elevated, but was told that this was nothing to worry about.
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replied January 4th, 2006
Mono And Jaundice
Hi zenith

hope you're all better now.

After I made that post my daughter got yellower and yellower. Yes - jaundice. Without penicillin she developed an incredibly itchy red rash an ear infection and a urinary tract infection. Because of the jaundice she could be given neither painkillers, nor antibiotics so she spent an incredibly uncomfortable few days. She drank loads and loads of fluid and I think it helped.

Since then she's made a complete recovery and is back working full time. The last blood test she had her liver levels were still slightly elevated but were definitely going in the right direction.

Mono can be truly horrible.

Thanks for replying
take care - scottie
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replied April 4th, 2009
mono and jaundice
My 15 year old was diagnosed with mono three days ago. We spent all day in the ER yesterday. She was dehydrated and just REALLY sick. I noticed yesterday that the whites of her eyes look a bit yellow and her skin looks yellowish. The urine test said that the billirubin level is elevated and the blood test said that her platelet level was low. The doctors didn't seem too concerned about it though. You're right....mono is truly horrible!!!! She has been a really sick girl.
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replied March 6th, 2013
My daughter had mono 2 years ago in February at age 17. She also was diagnosed with 2 secondary infections-viral and bacterial. She was in hospital for 12 days, lost 15 lbs, which she couldnt afford to lose. She was treated originally for "strep throat" and given penicillin which she reacted to and now is officially allergic to. She had an unbelievable reaction with a rash like i have never seen nor had the Doctors who treated her. She had to be hospital schooled for her final year in high school. Her liver function tests were high but gradually went down. She was very jaundiced at the time. Now, 2 years later she still gets very ill with any respiratory infection (cold). It still causes a rash, swelling of the glands, neck and face and blisters on her lips. Immune Specialists tell us that her immune system has been compromised, but there seems to be no "real answer" or cure. I cant help but feel that mono is linked to having jaundice as a baby. I had no idea that "mono" would have affects 2 years post! Very frustrating for her in her first year at University and difficult for me as a parent being 3.5 hours away. She is currently being re-tested for mono again! Looking to get her re-referred...
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replied March 7th, 2013
I got mono 6 month ago. I still have some symptoms but feel better. And I have fatigue. Since mono my bilirubin levels have been high. Amd had some yellow skin. Doctors did all liv test and could not find anything. I never took antibiotic with mono and have this liver thing. I don't drink or smoke and have a alkaline diet. I don't know if the liver thing is related with mono.
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