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Instant Withdrawel of Drug Need Help

Hi have 8yr old and been told no more drug till seen at hospital via letter, been trying to get one for ages. Daughter epileptic diagnosed for 2 yrs now and only have 4 days med left appointment not till 18 days, we are scared stiff that she will have fits
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replied October 5th, 2005
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Yikes! This is too scary! I would contact her ped doctor and see if he can help! It is not good to just stop meds like this cold turkey and you have a long way until that hospital stay.

If nothing else I would try and drag out the meds, taking fewer each day so she has some for longer than 4 days and taper her off slower.

I hope you can figure somethign out. This is not good thing!
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replied October 15th, 2005
Call Dr Or Pharmacist
It is extremely important that you do not stop the medication extremely important. Call your doctor and have s/he contact a pharmacist. Go to a pharmacy and explain that your child is in a life or death situation and that the pharmacist has an ethical responsibility to give you the medication. (you can also imply that if you do not get the medication and something happens you will feel free to take legal action). Further, you can go to a hospital and explain the situation. Ask for the neurologist or, if you are lucky, an epileptologist. Go now.
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