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Can't Sleep At All Now! What's Wrong?

Hi, everyone, i'm a new member and desperate to talk to people with similar problems.

Every time I feel myself drifting off to sleep it is as though someone shakes me and says "hey, wake up, you're not allowed to sleep!", and I am immediately wide awake again. I can easily lie awake all night even though i'm very tired. When I do go to sleep it's only for short periods at a time and I dream vividly.

Surely, when your body is crying out for sleep, you should be able to sleep eventually. I'm afraid i'll lose the ability to sleep, altogether. The less sleep I get, the less tired I become. I don't yawn anymore and my head just feels thick, and my eyes dry and sore.

What on earth is wrong with me?
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First Helper helpingyousleep

replied October 18th, 2005
Me Too
I have the same problem and I cannot afford doctors at this time. I tried ambien once but it really messes with ya I wouldnt reccomend it. I hope someone may know something
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replied October 26th, 2011
try a differnet sleeping surface
I wouldn't recommend Ambien either. It made me sleep walk too much. A non-spring mattress may help you. Like an air bed or gel bed
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replied January 10th, 2013
Mee to
Yes, well im only 13.I cant sleep at all at night. i just lay there. i wish i could sleep. i dont yawn often.but when i do go to sleep it only last a cople of min. i think theres something wrong with me Sad
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replied November 3rd, 2005
Lack of Sleep Is a Cycle
I hear you.

See I think the thing is, once you have suffered long term sleeping problems it fools your body into thinking you can survive on a lot less sleep. My advice is try to do something now, rather than later. Because I can tell you the body-clock-sleep-cycle thing becomes very susceptible to being deceived by long-term insomnia.

It is frustrating when somebody tells you a old home myth such as drink warm milk before bedtime or drop some lavender on your pillow.. Sure those things might 'relax' you but I find that's usually about it.

Good luck
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replied February 7th, 2010
In need for advise
I am 17 years old and I am going through the same thing. I don't know why it is happening either. I don't feel like I am going through a lot of stress right now and there aren't any big changes going on. Everything is going perfectly. Except when I go to bed. I go to lay down totally exhausted but then I close my eyes and get completely relaxed but suddenly feel wide awake. Then I'm up for hours unable to sleep. I don't know what to do. Should I go see a doctor? Do u have a sleeping disorder or something?? Someone please give me some advise
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replied June 5th, 2012
im 17 too, when i just can't sleep and even if i do its like i have been awake the whole time!
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replied February 21st, 2010
Add regular exercise to your daily routine. I know it sounds simple, maybe even silly. Honestly a 20 minute jog about 5 hours before I go to bed has made it much easier for me to get to sleep and stay asleep at night. Never was into exercising but when my sleep habits got way out of wack I had to make a change.
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replied February 22nd, 2010
I'd suggest melatonin! Not habit forming and is actually a natural hormone in your body. Check out this article about how melatonin is the 'greener' sleep aid. Hope this helps!
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replied April 30th, 2010
Freedom to Sleep
Sounds like we''re floating in the same boat...

Sleeping is a chore for me, a hard one at that.. I usually sleep in the wee hours of 2-3am only to wake up almost every hour and unable drift back to sleep. It''s actually worse now... I didnt sleep all night... Took 2x Tranquilcalm Max (Herbal), 1x Melatonin, 2 1/2 Periactrin (Prescribed) sleeping pills, its 4pm and I''m wide awake. My mind just won''t let me sleep. This cycle happens at least once a week and just like you, I''m terrified i''ll lose the ability to sleep all together.
I'm on the waiting list to see a sleep specialist and Neurologist, my appointment is in June and its way too long.

Its been awhile since your last post, hows your sleeping going?
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replied May 1st, 2010
insomnia sleep problems

i too.has the same tell..I haven''t cured it.Its being there for a very very long time now and i see that i have very chronic insomnia.
To tell you really those tghins like drinking milk and so on....can only help if you have acute insomnia...not if your insomnia is more than years now....
you seriouly need to find out the cause...for female out there see if yours is caused by menopause.
there are
herble medicines
sleep tracks
see all this.....
unfortunately nothing is available in my i think i have to leave with it for a few more years...Sad
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replied July 11th, 2010
Me too!
I have a similar problem. I started having difficulty sleeping a few years ago. I got on Clonazapam, an my problem went away. Now, I'm trying to get pregnant and can't take medications to help me sleep. The first week and a half after going off the medications I was only able to fall asleep around 4:00 A.M. after going to bed around 10:30. Then, I was able to sleep regularly for about a week and a half. Now, for about the past week, I'm not sleeping, and it's worse than before. I'm going to bed around the same time and not falling asleep until around 5:00 A.M. Fortunately, I'm a teacher, and I have some time off right now. I have no idea how I'm going to cope with this when I go back to work. Also, I don't know what's triggering this. Nothing is stressing me out at the moment.
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User Profile
replied September 27th, 2010
I had a sleep disorder, but no longer! I was unable to reach REM sleep due to FIBROMYALGIA. I went on a very, very light dose of an antidepressant and it has completely gone away. If you don't reach REM sleep, which I am sure all of you know, your body acts like you don't get ANY sleep at all...

NOW, given that....has anyone heard of .... or tried any homeopathic products??

I am looking at a product for a friend of mine who has EPILEPSY and insomnia.

The product is called: MIDNITE
-- It has 1.5 mg of melatonin, lemon balm, chamomile and lavender.

I can't have a HEAVY duty sleep aid for him because it might mess with his epilepsy meds. Does anyone have experience with this remedy, melatonin, melatonin extended release or any other homeopatic remedies?
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replied October 17th, 2010
Treatment for sleeplessnes
I don't understand why you people, don't have trust in nature. Everyone are looking for miraculous pills with who knows what poison make in a lab. Did you ever wonder why Indians are treating diseases with plants? Did you ever wonder why Indians are characterized by healthy and endurance? Did you ever wonder why Indians are carrying on to live in wildness, surrounded by nature and they are rejected always synthetic product?
There is a single answer. They have trust in nature. We need nature. Don't reject nature. Allso they are sleeping on dry leafs and they are strong and lively always. So, i recommend to you trying the therapeutic pillows.
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replied July 15th, 2011
I am an Indian - and I still can't friggen sleep!!
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replied October 13th, 2012
Apparently you don't have a problem sleeping or u wouldn't suggest what u did. It's not likely any of us can sleep out in nature these days. Many of us have tried natural sleep remedies still with no help. Then u recommend a therapeutic pillow like its the cure all but for those of us that have tried everything under the sun knows it goes beyond that. You really shouldn't suggest unless you've been in our shoes.
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replied October 25th, 2011
im having the same issue, atm it is 6:17 am, this has been goin on for about 4 years now. doctors prescribed me ambien but it doesnt even put me to sleep and caused me to hallucinate for about a day, ill be lying in bed for about 2 hours until i finally get close to sleeping, and just like a snap of the fingures i jump up and this continues threwout the whole night, atm past 4 days im running on about 4 hours of sleep. psychiatrist said ambien and sleeping medication is a terrible way to go because insomnia can be caused by many things, mine from anxiety.. and it will keep you up on those effects. so its funny when i read threw the comments sayin melatonin, workout, etc... yeah that doesnt work for everyone. and imo if you want real help id say see a psychiatrist that you can open up to and get real profession help.
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replied June 4th, 2012
i am sleeping at the moment, only because im on a cocktail of drugs. 45mg mirtazapine, 10mg olanzapine (not phycotic) and 15mg of zopoclone. istarted the olanzapine about 10 days ago because the zopoclone wasnt working and i was totally desperate. i went three days without sleeping at all. i mean not even five minutes. it is like torture. I am sleeping now because the olanzapine magnifies the effects of the zopoclone and knocks me out. the problem is im developing a tolerance to the zopoclone and will soon be back in the same non sleeping situation again. My doctor says there is nothing else thay can give me. but i ve heard of zolpidem and lorazepam. i am very worried, and fear that i might die from lack of sleep and my body breaking down. It is like someone has taken away the switch that lets you sleep. it doesnt matter how calm i am i cant switch off to go to sleep. does anyone understand this.
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replied June 12th, 2012
chronic insomnia
I understand it. I know exactly what you mean about the "switch". I've probably imagined that analogy before as well during one of my countless sleepless nights. It's as if the mechanism for allowing one to "cross over" is faulty-- to the point of actually counteracting the process, acting more like a bouncer guarding the door rather than a bellman opening it for you. Thankfully for me, it's periodic,. I will typically go weeks with fairly decent sleep (that is, 5-6 hours/night). But about every few months or so I have about a two week period in which something is off with my circadian rhythm or metabolism or something and I can't for the life of me cross over, though I'm exhausted to the core. During those times (like now) I use lunesta, though I rarely get more than a few hours on it (that's a full dose of either 2 or 3mg). It feels like artificial (and very shallow) sleep, but less so than with ambien (10mg), Those two are the only meds I've used, though I have had occasional success with melatonin.. but usually it doesn't work for me at all.

Please forgive the length of this post.. My heart goes out to you because I know what you're going through. And practical advice is a dime a dozen, because everyone's journey is so nuanced and unique.. but a few things I rely on are reading at bed time-- helps me wind down and yawn, which triggers the sleepies..(it also helps me look fwd to going to bed instead of dreading it-- the old "self-fulfilled prophecy dynamic) Also fortunately we have a guest bedroom in which I have an insulated shade over the window, so I know that if I'm up at 4 and take a lunesta, at least sunlight won't wake me at 6 (though one of my kids will invariably wake me at 7ish stomping around above me!) The medicated sleep I get is fragile, barely able, it seems, to overcome whatever it is in my system that's bent on keeping me awake. Therefore I wake all too easily from it.

Of course, having a flexible schedule is helpful for me (though often that is probably one of the saboteurs -- they say routine is good). Also taking a warm bath is relaxing, and when my wife isn't too exhausted, a back rub or back scratch can work wonders. I also try to curtail my liquid intake after about 4pm, as often my metabolism just keeps on truckin' right into the night. All this may not be helpful at all, they're just pieces of my particular puzzle, that help me manage my nemesis, since I can't ever seem to fully vanquish it.

My goal is always to work my way back to natural sleep but once these anomalous patterns of insomnia have been established-- like deep ruts carved in the landscape of our circadian rhythm.. or perhaps more fittingly, like a scratched record.. the tendency to get caught in those grooves will always be there. And as you well know, the harder you "try" to sleep, the more elusive sleep becomes. So you have to create the conditions in and around you that will be most conducive to a good night's sleep. The mental, physical, and environmental. But know that you're not alone in your struggle! I wish you many ZZZs.
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replied October 7th, 2012
Hi Mike
You're about the first person I've come across with the same problem (I think!)
I stopped sleeping when I became pregnant (she's 28 not and I know it couldn't happen to you) and it's just got worse and worse - tried everything - Zopiclone usually sends me off with disgusting side effects the next day. I am not on my 5th day of
no sleep. I marvel we can carry one, but then I remember the woolly feeling in my head, the floaters and the lousy memory. I too am scared I might die from lack of sleep, I also am scared in case i overdose on my prescribed drugs, which at the moment, aren't working. Last night I took 1 amatryptiline and 3 temazepan and I got about 4-5 hrs. In the UK where I am I'm told none knows why but some people just don't sleep, whereas some people become ill. I went on a course of CBT
and had to stop it because of the lack of sleep. As you ask - WHY????
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replied July 29th, 2013
Yes I do. I agree it does feel like a switch has bee pull God help us all.
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replied June 5th, 2012
Can't sleep..
Hello, im having this problem... i had a bad routine and now im trying to fix it but i just can't sleep so hyper and feeling so fresh but i want to sleep!! i don't know what to do....... and i sleep its like im so disturbed and even if i sleep its like i have been awake the whole time.
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replied July 2nd, 2012
Sleep deprivation, Cronic / Accute Insomnia - how to fix it.
best advice i can give you all is this.

if you don't know the answer to any of these questions and your having serious sleep issues to the point you think you will die this is what you need to do. FOR YOUR SELF

questions you need to answer..
1. what happens when we sleep?
2. why do we need sleep?
3. what happens with out sleep?
4. what are the stages of sleep? e.g (R.E.M sleep)
5. what body processes cause us to want to sleep.

R.E.M sleep is the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep aka the dream state. where our body becomes extremely active even though your out like a light. this stage of sleep helps repair your body, This is the stage of sleep that most people with insomnia or other sleep disorders have trouble achieving, there are tests that can be done to see if your achieving rem sleep or not ask your doctor about it, its not a fun process as you will be sleeping in a bed with a few cameras on you and a little hat filled with wires and electrodes that measure your brains activity while you sleep. but it WILL answer alot of your questions and the doctor will know Exactly how to best help you.
once you know the answer to those very basic questions you can then work on fixing your problem, if your not willing to do some digging to find out the scientifically proven 100% fact, well then your problem isn't bothering you that much or its not that bad. (or your just really lazy and expect to be handed everything in life)

for those of you that do, you then can go to the doctor and you can state medical and scientific fact, not feelings which can be warped and can actually trick you into thinking you feel one thing when its something completely different.

(if your interested in testing what i just said, scroll right to the bottom and try my little experiment Smile )

ask your doctor questions like,
" well i know i need X, X, X to fall asleep, but I've done some research and i find that my body isn't doing that."

if your doctor is smart, that should trigger a question in there head

" something is missing or not working as its intended "
and will then work with you to figure out the cause of the sleep disorder, this way you will actually come out with a proper diagnosis and the correct medication to deal with that problem that has been taylord specifically for your own body chemistry.

avoid asking your doctor the following questions because there isn't anything they can do to help if you do ask these.

1. i can sleep give me something to sleep
likely response: umm..

2. i go to bed and just lay there for hours
likely response: "kinda figured that out on my own seeing as you said you can't sleep"

if all of this way to long and you didn't want to read.. here is the cliff notes.

1. learn what sleeping is and how our body actually achieves it.
2. learn the different stages of sleep and why there important
3. have a basic idea of what could be missing or wrong inside your body ( this way your doctor can help a lot faster and better )

if worst comes to worst, get your General practitioner ( your doctor ) to give you a referral to a neuro-psychological who specializes in sleep disorders specifically REM sleep which is the stage of sleep that actually does most of the repair work in our bodies. this will help you understand what is happening to you and will also help the " I'm gunna die" feeling you get from sleep deprivation. chances are you will solve your problem for a very long time if not fix it completely as most sleeping disorders now can be treated and cured.

now for that little experiment that i told you all about earlier.

Fill 3 glasses with water, 1 with ice, 1 just out of the tap and 1 with hot water ( not to hot that u burn your self)

now place your 1 hand in the icy water and 1 in the hot water, leave them there for about 20 seconds, and take notice of how hot/cold your hands feel.

now place both your hands into the glass with just normal tap water in it. you will instantly feel hot and cold at the same time even though the water is only 1 temperature.. your body has tricked you into thinking that the glass of water is both hot and cold at the same time.. when in reality.. its just normal temp Smile

i am not a doctor, nor have a PHD in any medical fields so take this advice at your own risk and only do so if you feel that it will benefit you in the long run

wish you all sleep filled nights and dreams that never end.

some one who also cant sleep (but is smarter then your average joe)
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replied October 19th, 2012
I am also going through this. When i go to bed for sleep i can`t drift up for sleep. I am totally relaxed, i have no tension. So why i can`t sleep. Please anybody solve my problem.
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replied July 29th, 2013
Has any test been done on a normal person that can sleep and one that can't. brain test?
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replied October 22nd, 2014
Im 11 and I cant sleep at all my mom has been worried about me and keeps telling me to get some sleep but I can't I just toss and turn and toss and turn also lately I've been feeling really sick like loss of appetite and headaches and sharp pains and she takes away my Kindle computer plug at night hoping that I'll get sleep but what is wrong with me?!??!?
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replied October 23rd, 2014
Active User, very eHealthy
Hi jhean,

I'm new here, but thought i'd drop a line after reading. Yes, its alright she took away the kindle computer plug. I dont know since when, but when youre too used to that routine, you long for or look for it. Better you find other ways to deal w/ your sleeplessness, than it to progress and u be in worse shape later. There are the tips to not being overactive later in the day so ur body slows down more at the right time before bed. Of course we've tried some of these as we were also sleepless thats why we dropped by here=). Dont think abt medicines now, but rather natural remedies... i dont know some say melatonin is natural, but recommendations so vary. Some take 1 g of it and helps (max. of 2 weeks i understand), but others say thats too much as 0.1 g doses have already helped others. Ask ur parents. Large doses arent advised at all.

Well, hope this helps, also the older posters.
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