Hey yo.
Never been on this sight before, seems pretty sweet. I was at my obsessive looking-for-things-related-to-eating-disor ders-stage and I found this. Atm I have bulimia with once a day binge and purge. With food that is digested, I am allowed to eat fruit (but not more than 2 pieces) vegetables (except potatoes) nuts (raw, unsalted) and no-fat 70% less sugar yougarts, and boiled eggs. I am really frusterated of how I always think about food and I just dont know who to tell cause I dont want to talk to my phyc about it. Does any one else have this prob? Also im scared that I will lose more weight although id love it it would put me way way underweight in the bmi chart, but I cant handle the thought of knowingly digesting something with high carbs or fats. Anyone else know what I mean? What is your foods you can and cannot eat when not bingeing?
Catch thanks for your replies...
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replied October 5th, 2005
Yeah I think im kinda bulemic too. Well atleast I know I have some sort of eating disorder. I always think about what food ive ate, and what foods I can. Im a complete calorie counter. I cannot stand the thought of anything like meat or junk food in my stomach, going into my body. I dont think im that bad, I only purge every once in a while, but I know things can get worse. I know I shouldnt ever purge, but sometimes I just eat something and it will sit in the back of my mind, so I go and puke it up. I hate taht I have to do this to myself, but I want to loose weight so bad. Im not anywhere near skinny, but im afraid if I dont stop thinking about food all the time I will end up extremely skinny and unhealthy. It really is very frusterating how food controls my life. I only let myself eat cereal in the morning with a little milk, and I eat a tonne of fruits and some vegetables. I eat vegetarian meat too, for protein. I also eat some tuna every once in a while.
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replied October 26th, 2005
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Hi and thanks for replying

you sound like you want help but you dont know what to do because you dont want to make a big deal out of this...

Congrats on recognising that theres something not right... Because your exactly correct. I know just where your coming ffrom, there you say what foods you can eat and how its frusterating. And you also right cause things can get worse... But only if you let them. Eating tuna and veg meat is good for protein, I do not get enough protein cause the foods that have protein in them (except for nuts) are not on my allow list. How old are you? Im 15....

If you are in school you could go and see your school councoller, cause it causes a lot of pain to everyone and yourself when your binge purging 3 times a day.... Not that much to some.. Thats the most for me..

Anyway would love to chat more cya
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