Hi ladies,

hope every1 is doing fine. Well just got back from my bf nanny's funeral. Didn't really drink much as was very tired. Well I did another cb test last night and u've gussed it? Nope another question about evaporation line. After 5 minutes I could see a very very fiant line. My bf and mother couldn't see so I wos like it's there. But no they couldn't see it. So I went out and within 20 minutes the line that I could see was darrker but still very faint.

My mother said that this still could be an evaporation line. But I could see it with my own eyes that it was there within the timframe but they couldn't. They could see the line after the time frame. What now. I know I should go to the doctor but I want to see what a test would confirm 1st.

Has many people had a evaporation with the clear blue. Everytime I have used has had it within the last month its came up after the timeframe with a difinite blue line?


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replied September 29th, 2005
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Re: Scream!!!!!!!!
sadey wrote:

I know I should go to the doctor but I want to see what a test would confirm 1st.


a blood test from your doctor would confirm it
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