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This May Sound a Little Nasty Sorry!

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To make a long story short, (read my posts if you want everything)
i started spotting light brown on the day I was supposed to have my pd. Well yesterday I had a darker color brown & not much at all..So I took a test today & it said neg. :( . A few hours later, I noticed I started bleeding & some was bright red & brown & it's not that heavy..I am normally heavy..I also noticed that the outer part of virg. Has turned a dark color like a blueish/brown. I have never seen it that dark..Could this may implantion or do you think I started my period? Thanks for everyone's help & good luck to everyone :)
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replied October 4th, 2005
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Maybe you took the pregnancy test too soon, that happened to me too and I got a negitive reading. But then I took it again the day after I missed my period, just one day after and it was positive. I am now 9 week salong, so try it again and see what happens. Do let me know.
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