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Abdominal Hernia

Just got back from the doctor
he said I have a hernia above my navel
i got it about a year ago from caughing
and it got bigger and started hurting more
the doctor told me I have 2 choices......You can go under the knife
or you can get more excersise and tighten up your stomach muscles
he also told me it's not gonna kill you and not to worry

so its cool
ill try a little more exercise
its gonna be hard though because the hernia hurts
oh well .....Im a warrior
i'll survive.
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replied October 21st, 2005
I am getting weird pains under my abs too but I don't worry about it I do exercise everyday and I punish my abs :p I am just waiting for the pains to get a little big sharper or if I get some kind of lump ill have to go to the doctor straight away (which I hate) or they might just go away
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