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Lap Dance/my Semen Came Out of Pant/hiv Risk/window Period

I am 29 male.
Coming from a strip club (second time in my life. First was 3 years back)
i had 3 minutes of lap dance (with my underwear and sports pant (like pyjama) and shirt on). Dancer was having bikini on.
I fully ejaculated while having dance. After ejaculation, dance continued for another minute. After I had dance I noticed some definate wetness ( at least 3 waterdrops size) of my own semen which had penetrated till the outer side of my pant. It was at place on pant corresponding to my underwar location which was most wet.
I do not know about state of dancer's bikini (i.E. If it was also wet or not, becuase of her/someone else's body fluid. We did not kiss or have any other fluid interaction.)
what is risk of me getting hiv ?
If there is risk, how much time I need to wait before I can take my hiv test?

Please feel free to ask details if I have missed some. I do appreciate your response.Your response is valuable for me.

I have never had sex otherwise, not even a romantic kiss with anyone so far.
I am looking for life partner, positive to find one and plan to marry in 3 months. If the above instance involves even a small risk, I will hold my plan or cancel it.

Please respond.
I welcome any questions asking more details.
If you think there is no possibility, then why not? Can't virus come from outside my pyjama, then to wet underwear then to my own semen to body?
Did not find info on this kind of case anywhere.
Any techical details, highly appreciated.

Thank you
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replied September 25th, 2005
Very Very Rare
You're okay. That's very very very very rare. I wouldn't sweat it at all, but if you have doubts get tested.

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replied September 25th, 2005
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Low Low Risk
I agree.
The risk of hiv transmission from her to you is almost impossible.
Some of her bodily fluids would have mix with your bodily fluids and then get back into you.
According to what you described, that didn't happen.
Lap dances with clothing inbetween is usuallay considered safe sex.

You are lucky, paul v
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replied September 27th, 2005
I do appreciate your replies.
My concern is what stops the virus from travelling thru already established fluid link from outside pyjama thru underwear thru my visous penis head thru my body ?

Is there any technical article which mentions this travel won't happen?
Or sceintific base?

As person, I will love to beleive it, however I will highly appreciate some technical information, which will address my cocncerns
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