Just to share my recent experience.

Saw my dr before we went for a holiday and gave me the go signal that I am alright to travel (on my 6th month now). Did not ask for a med cert since most airlines allow prego to fly provided you are less than 29 weeks (others, less than 8 mos).

Going to our destination was not a problem. The reservation agent just asked how many weeks my baby is and allowed me through without trouble. Pursers in the plane did not make a fuss as well.

Coming back home (taking the same airline), same thing happened. The reservation agent asked how many weeks I am and allowed me through without trouble. When boarding, the purser asked me how many weeks my baby is but this time she was also asking to show a med cert. I said that I do not have one. Purser enquired if the ground staff required me to show a med cert? My reply was no. She allowed me to board the plane but when we were about to take off, another staff came up to me and asked if I have a med cert? My reply was no and explained that I am just on my 6th month of pregnancy. After that, nobody bothered me anymore.

I guess they just like to be sure that I am telling them the truth and that they are concern 'bout my safety, which I sincerely appreciate. Actually, the purser even checked on me and offered me a bottle of water and gave kind words when we left.

I really thought they will request me to get off the plane which happened though to one of their previous passengers. The lady was on her 29th week of pregnancy. Was allowed by the ground staff but was not accepted to board the plane. What a stressful and unfortunate incident for that lady. Have to unload her luggage, etc.

So, if you are planning to fly anytime soon specially if your tummy is showing, I suggest you get a medical certificate from your dr giving you the a-ok to fly and how many weeks you are in your pregnancy just to be sure you don't get inconvenienced in the plane by pursers or airline staff.
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