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For First Time Mums, Look What I Discovered!

Was looking for a baby book when my husband found this very informative and comprehensive book. The title is new babycare book, a practical guide to the first three years by Dr. Miriam stoppard.

Since this is our first baby, I thought that ante-natal classes will be sufficient enough to learn all the things to prepare me for my pregnancy and birth of my baby. I never thought that there are still loads and loads of things to learn more on being a new parent.

The book has loads of interesting topics i.E., essential equipment for outings, travels, newborn behaviour, clothing, holding and handling a baby, nappies, bathing, feeding, sleeping and even suggestions on how to arrange your nursery and how to convert it to a toddler's room eventually.

The most interesting and very informative topic for me was the subject of "newborn babies". It explains that sensitive parts of baby's body i.E., fontanelle; condition of the baby when they are born; colour of the eyes; lip blisters; the skin; jaundice; weals and rashes; stools; sounds; hiccups, etc.

I am pretty sure there are other very good baby books but I suggest you look at this one too. It has loads of pictures and covers not only the 1st year but the first 3 years of your baby. Since we bought it, I never stopped reading it.
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replied September 25th, 2005
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Sounds like a keeper
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