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Here are a few sites on vacuum phenomenon for you to check out. ;)

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vacuum phenomenon


in the spine 'vacuum phenomenon' refers to the radiographic or ct appearance of gas in the inter-vertebral disc (ivd), usually in the lumbar region.

Http://www.Ijri.Org/articles/archives/2003 -13-1/cns_105.Htm

http://www.Ijri.Org/articles/archives/2003 -13-2/ost199.Htm
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replied January 2nd, 2006
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this is what they called the "fully compromised disc" just 6 months after the injury. I called it compromised for I completely pulverised that disc. Not just a crush or bulge of the disc. It ruptured and leaked out the disc material. That is what I felt and seen on the repeated scans.

Now they say I have vacuum "disc space" phenomenon. I continue to have pain and burning, with sitting, standing and walking this was 4 years ago as of aug this past year. Very horrible pains when I awake too. Cannot even get outta bed, at times. Disc pain is suppose to resolve within 6 weeks at most, in most cases. But my l5 s1 area is in constant pressure from the dislocation of the spinal column. I have been diagnosed disabled from chronic pain. I asked the dr what is this vacuum disc phenomenon, and he just says some kind of term we use. No help at all. Thanks for the info.

It is a lot more than the drs helped me.
I will check it out--thanks again
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replied January 7th, 2006
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Fatfamily02 ~

you are so welcome!

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