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July 18th, 2008
Re: Anyone Else Who Experiences This Have a Copper Iud?
peachesandcream wrote:
I experience the same thing EVERY month, the week before my period starts. I start out feeling extremely dry, and the next day, I have fissures. Then, I experience extreme itching and pain for the next week until my period starts. Then, when my period is gone, so are all the symptoms. I don't have the classic yeast infection symptoms, no discharge, and no yeasty smell. I do, however, have a 10 year copper iud. I have gone to the doctor, and he has run numerous tests, month after month, only to tell me it's yeast. I don't think it is. I don't think it's normal to get a yeast infection EVERY month at the same time. Here's what I think. I think that maybe the copper IUD is releasing something into my uterus, and when the lining starts to shed every month, my vagina is irritated by it. I never experienced this before getting the IUD, so that's the only thing I can think of. Anyone else have an IUD here?

I experience the exact same thing every month! Did you ever find out what it is and how to treat it?

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replied August 25th, 2008
I cannot believe I am not alone!
I was shocked to stumble across this forum! I have been having the exact same issue!

I suffer badly with yeast infections, I can't use anything with perfume or any sort of soaps and oils. If I have a bubble bath I will, without fail, develop a major yeast infection within a day or so. I've now resorted to using Simple bath products, which don't contain any perfumes or soaps. More recently though I have been suffering with little paper-like cuts along my labia. Tiny slits that sting to no end and make sex and using the toilet a painful affair! I visited my local doctor who advised me to wear loose panties and comfortable trousers and try to walk about naked as much as possible to dry it out so it healed faster. Ridiculous. Your life sometimes doesn't allow for this kind of behaviour! Besides I want something that will cure it forever!! They also have no answer to why I constantly develop yeast infections. Last year I developed at least 6 separate yeast infections over a period of 6 months. That's one a month with about a week's recovery period. Not great for the love life!

One good tip I learnt is that your partner can have a yeast infection too. You unknowingly pass it to your partner during sex and he simply bounces it back to you each time you have sex without realising. So if you have an infection chances are your partner does too. You should both take the oral medication at the same time to successfully clear it up.

I have also noticed a chunky yellowy discharge that has started around the same time these tiny cuts began to form. From what you've said I can only assume I have a just another mild yeast infection that has caused my labia to swell and tear. Thank you for the Almond Oil tip, I'll definitely be purchasing some of that!

If anyone hears of any more info on how to treat and hopefully prevent this please let us know!
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replied September 10th, 2008
My problem solved
I had these cuts/lesions (looked like paper cuts) on my vulva area, mostly above my clitoris but sometimes longer down along the sides of my clit for months and months. They were painful and burned a lot, and they bothered the bejesus out of me. Before that I had had frequent yeast infections for YEARS. The yeast infections began after my GYN gave me a cream to treat a minor irritation due to tampon use (not a big deal, but I would advise not using tampons if you don't have to), which he knew would give me a yeast infection but it went untreated.

I tried all kinds of natural remedies and cut way back on my sugar and refined substances, even dairy and grains. It is not fun to live like that, let me tell you. Nothing cured the yeast infections, just made them less severe, and even a bite of a cookie could bring it back on. Then the cuts began to appear and I went to a GYN who came recommended to me by the old one, and she tried to tell me it was herpes. Hey folks, this is probably NOT herpes. I was sexually active but I had been tested multiple times and was with one person for a long period of time, so I was very doubtful of this diagnosis.

I was frustrated with these GYNs not helping me, so I went to a local university health center and described the problem. The women's health doctor took a swab of the cuts for herpes testing and prescribed me a strong anti-yeast cream. The swab came back negative and I completed the cream treatment with NO recurrence of any symptoms since then. I looked on the internet to treat my problems for months and months and had a hard time finding someone whose problems were resolved, so I wanted to put mine out there.

I will also say that now I am seeing a licensed naturopathy doctor and doing some tests for thyroid problems and excess testosterone, which can lead to diabetes, hypertension, hair loss, acne, and a billion other problems. It has been suggested to me in the past by my first GYN that the constant yeast infections could be due to diabetes. I'm in my mid twenties and not especially overweight, so I always thought that odd, but I'm not discounting it anymore. My suggestion though, is to find a GYN who will listen to you and be more helpful than mine were. Then you may want to see a holistic care or naturopathy doctor like I am, to check out whether your problems have a separate root cause. I was very surprised and pleased with mine - and this is coming from a skeptic. Best of luck to you all.
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replied September 23rd, 2008
silk road
silk road...i would like to know exactly
what medication they gave you to clear up these cuts

my reg doc looked at looked at me like i was nuts

trying Planned Parenthood tomorrow....walk in obgyn clinic
maybe they will know more

scared about lichen scheloris?
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replied September 27th, 2008
vaginal fissures
i have had the same problem about 4 times this year. mine also appear the week prior to my periods. medication for yeast infection has cleared them in the past. but now they have reappeared about 3 months later....i've done more research and it could be low estrogen levels that can arise prior to periods....the low estrogen levels apparently lead to the dryness/itchiness/fissures. i am yet to re-vist the doc but hope this clears any panic. PS: I am happily married and have not had other sexual partners so STD is highly unlikely.
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replied September 28th, 2008
Vaginal Fissures...cuts?? What Is This?-ANSWER
I started having the same problems 5 weeks ago. After a month of occasional itching, I figured I must have a yeast infection so I purchased and used Monistat 1. Getting no relief and now discovering a small fissure, I decided to go to the doctor. First thing she said was NOT to ever use Monistat 1. She said that it nd can cause internal burning; only use 3 or 7. She said my symptoms could be a yeast infection or herpes. She took a sample and looked under the microscope. She said I had yeast in excess and prescribed Diflucan. I took the pill (letting it work for at least 48hrs because it is intestinally absorbed) and found no relief. Fearing that it was in fact herpes, I went back to the clinic, seeing a different doctor this time. She took a sample and said she saw no excessive yeast (the yeast infection as gone  ). Still having issues she did a vaginal exam. She said that when inserting the speculum, she noticed a lot of discharge pooling and it had a bit of an odor. She said she did not believe that a herpes test was needed as I have not been sexually active for 3 months. She diagnosed me with Bacterial Vaginosis and gave me Metronidazole 500mg. I said I have never noticed and odor and did not know that this much discharge was excessive. She said I could have had this problem for a lot longer than I have had my itching symptoms. She said the vagina is supposed to be acidic (4-4.5) and two things cause it to be more alkaline (which can cause odor): seaman and the time just after your menstrual cycle (which could be why some of you are experiencing these issues during this time) but usually returns to normal within a few days.
Bottom line: I had both a yeast infection and Bacterial Vaginosis. Always talk to your doctor about how much you discharge even if you might think it is normal; let her/him make that call (that’s what they are there for). Talk about everything even if you think it is embarrassing. They really have hear it all. You won’t shock them, really.
Oh, she suggested applying Desitin to the fissure to help heal it up. With lots of discharge and bacterial overgrowth, it’s almost impossible to heal the fissure when the area is always damp and basically a pertrie dish.

I hope this helped someone. I know it’s long, but I wanted to tell the whole story so I didn’t accidentally leave something out.

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replied September 29th, 2008
finally! other people with the same symptoms
I have the same symptoms and just reading about everyone else's doctor visits makes me feel so much better! I am planning on going to the doctor soon hopefully I will have good news and fill you guys in!
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replied October 11th, 2008
I also found relief
I had a first episode herpes a while back. Dr didn't take a swab test at the time and just assumed it was bacteria.
I did however do a serology 3 months after and came up positive for Herpes Type 1( commonly known as the cold sore herpes) .Despite popular belief, you can get this type on your genitals as well.
During my episode I developed some cuts in my vulva area an I was prescribed anti-bacterial medication, which was wrong. This worsened the situation and gave me a REALLY bad yeast infection. About a month later everything seemed to have subsided. Herpes sores gone, thrush seemed to be gone but the cuts were still there. The cuts would recur during sex . It was painful and scary and I lost all confidence in myself. I really thought this was going to be something I'd have to endure for the rest of my life.
I persisted in finding a solution and saw a vulva specialist. She advised me that thrush infections are buried deep in the skin and sometimes even if you don't feel like youre having it , its there and can recur at any time and that one of the symptoms of thrush is vaginal cuts. She prescribed me a two week course of fluconazole and asked me to use micreme on the cuts everytime after sex. 3 weeks later and the cuts have now healed and I can have sex without the pain and knowing my vulva will not tear.
I saw 5 GPs and 1 Gyn and they didn't help whatsoever. See someone specialising in sexual health.
Whatever you do, don't give up hope.
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replied October 17th, 2008
thank you
Well im so glad i found this thread!
i have had this same problem with tiny little cuts that itch for about 8 years now! sometimes they are completely gone sometimes like now they are back in full swing. i did notice that it happens more right before my period and symtoms usually stop during my period. i have changed so many things in my life because i thought it may be my soap, shampoo, pantyliners, etc. looks like they are here to stay. i have read through all your posts and feel so relieved that im not the only one with this problem. I have jotted down all the creams and oils to try because im not one to visit the obgyn due to embarrassment. i know i know i should go but
im a very shy and easily embarrassed person especially when i have to be seen for this!! i will try the creams and oils and look for the lysine, i hope these things are over the counter. thank you so much ladies you dont know how much i appreciate this.
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replied October 27th, 2008
I have had similar issues to this starting last January. My doctor said I had a yeast infection, etc, and gave me medication. The meds helped the yeast and whatnot, but the cuts and soreness and swelling didn't really go away. Then it came back. She gave me a different medication. Then it came back again. I even spent several hours at Planned Parenthood thinking I had an STD or something and what it came down to was....a yeast infection.

I got really sick of hurting and feeling like I was raw and not being able to enjoy my boyfriend's company and things like that. I had talked to a friend who mentioned his girlfriend had a similar problem with burning and itching and rawness and it was related to the soap they were using. So he suggested switching to a dyeless, fragrance-less soap...and I did. Annnnnd, viola, problem solved. I figured it was just irritating whatever was causing the yeast infections, and figured the yeast infections were what was causing the fissure/cut things.

Then I got another yeast infection and just had a mini-breakdown. I was so sick of hurting. And I just cried until I realized I had bought soap for my new apartment that had dye in it and smelled like cucumber/green tea. So I had my boyfriend bring over the rest of the soap I had bought for his place...and it's only been a day and I don't hurt anymore.

What I realized is that I spent years using soap my mother made at home, which had no dyes and no fragrances except what occurred as a result of essential oils. I started getting yeast infections and the burning and itching and swelling after getting a bunch of purple bars of Lavendar soap for Christmas, which I used instead of the bars my mother made.

So honestly...I'd say try switching soaps. It helped me more than any of the stuff my doctor gave me. And I don't have the discharge and the swelling or the fissures or the soreness. And, as I's only been 24 hours. So! Hope that can help someone else other than me. Good luck!
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replied November 1st, 2008
vaginal fissures
OMG!!!I have the same prblem too.Mine started after I had my son via c section. Doc told me the fissures where due to yeast...NOT SO! Yea...ok a yeast infection every month? NO, I dont have AIDS, NOT a diabetic, This isnt herpes or syphilis. They're just small cuts that come up for no reason. I havent had sex in twomonths soooo its not from sex either. THIS is seriously effecting my marriage and some....I'm going to insist on getting all of my hormone levels checked and go to a diff. OBGYN...that cares to find out. glad to know I'm not just this freak of nature and the only one out there with this problem
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replied November 6th, 2008
vaginal fissures
ok so for a long time i was getting vaginal fissures..i went to my doctor to find out what it was. it wasn't a yeast infection, its not lichen. unfortunately i was diagnosed with HSV-2. For those of you who dont know what that is...its genital herpes. that might be something you might wanna check into. better safe than sory.
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replied December 4th, 2008
had rid of them

Monistate External Cream
name brand neosporin
live aloe vera plant
aveno oatmeal bath
baking soda bath
cetaphil gentel cleanser
nothing - air - pantyless
tattoo goo
BLEACH...i put it on tp...and wiped the area..and the surrounding area...then rinsed it off after like 2 minutes
SELSON BLUE i am still using this. to wash with. leave it on for like 4 minutes ..

ive had postive results with these...did not go away or anything..but it seemed to help
and yes....i sprayed lysol hand...and rubbed it in.
3 days in a row....and it workes a little

then i finally got into the dermatologist
who gave me a script for the Pramosone.. WHICH DID NOT WORK


clindesse cream
generic neosporin

*************updated....finally got to a DERMATOLOGIST

he gave me 2 scripts....pills & topical
the is the generic DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE 100MG pills

also quit BCP...because so many of you on this site...had it occur around change in BCP...and me too

selson blue (yes the hair shampoo)
wash with that daily when i shower...leave it on a minutes or so (found this tip on a jock it website)

and then the two scripts.....doxycycline hyclate 100mg pills bid

& Ciclopirox topical cream .77% bid

within 3 days...i feel fine
still dont look 100%....i feel 100% better
but look 70% better

just quick
mine came at STRESSFUL time....trying to buy a house in todays lousy market...after we closed...we moved...that was AUG 2 2008..i sweated inting...etc.

the fissueres showed up in AUG 08...just got rid of them NOV 08



*************update 12/04/2008*****
been a month...fissures still gone
i truly believe it was a staph infection
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replied December 4th, 2008
Community Volunteer
Do not use Lysol or Bleach
It is not to be used on skin...

Staph? Interesting....still, don't use Lysol or Bleach on skin, bad advice.

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replied December 8th, 2008
same friggen problem!
i was freaking out for so loooong about this. i had no idea what it was, i still dont for sure. and i thought i was the only person to have this problem.
at first, it was only a little one, and i figured i'd just managed to cut myself somehow. but then my entire vag was kindof swollen and red. it burnt really badly. but after 3-5days, that went away completly and i was left with 3 tiny "papercuts". two were really long, paralell to each other, the other one was still really tiny at the top of my vag. i was getting this weird discharge, but it didnt smell funny or look funny unless i tried to clean it off. then it got clumpy, kindof like cottage cheese(i guess?) or like toilet paper had been rubbed and was tearing.
my pee also smelled really strong. kindof like after you eat asparagus? just, i wouldnt eat asparagus, and it'd smell all the time. no matter how many glasses of water i drank a day.

i thought it might be an STD, or a yeast infection... but i didnt have any mad symptoms.
i dont think its from sex either, cause i havent had sex in about 3 months(and we always used protection).

and i've just stopped taking an antibiotic(and other meds?) for my wisdom teeth. i cant remember if these fissures/"papercuts" started to show up before or after i started the medication.

Whats a good easy and cheap way to fix this problem ? (if there is one)
i really dont feel like making the hour and a half trip to see my doctor to get something prescribed(but i will if its totally necesary). and my boyfriend & i are both getting really aggitated about this no-sex thing. we've both been really busy, so we didnt have much time to see each other, and now that we get to see each other a lot more, we cant have sex because of these stupid fissure things.
And, i dont really wnat to get anything prescribed, because i'm still under my parents drugplan, and my dad sees all the paperwork and stuff. and i'd really rather he didnt know.
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replied December 12th, 2008
vaginal fissures
This is such a frustrating thing to have, i just don't seem to be finding the answers either.
I was caught out a year half ago and unfortunately was diagnosed positive with herpes, i had one blister and i have not had the problem since. **touch wood i never do** has this weakened my skin?
I have been in a very trusting relationship for a year now, we were intially screened for stds...all came back clear. Over the last four months or so i have been developing these tiny vaginal fissures around the opening of my vagina, they will heal after 3 or so days, they are then barely visible, although they do not hurt like some of the girls have been mentioning on here. I haven't taken antibitoics for anything and have been on the same contraceptive pill since i was 17yrs (i'm now 26) i just don't understand what i have. only last week i got std tested again and they also tested for bacterial infections....all came back clear.
the longest i have left it not having sex is two weeks....but i only have sex if i can't see anything at all down there.....
i was prescribed fucidin cream which i used twice a worked at first (after using it for three week) i had sex three times and didn't tear...but now i am not using it.....i split after sex again.
i have left it a week again....i appear not to have any problems...lets see if in another week i have the same's psychological torment
anyone know what i should do next?

replied December 16th, 2008
shaving......any links
ok so ive had the fissures as well. sometimes they take longer to heal and sometimes they go away in a day or two. also if im looking down there for a minute the skin will eventually appear ashy. im an esthetician and usually wax down there but every once in a while when im in a pinch ill shave. well the last couple times i did i noticed i got the fissures. i was also a little drier than normal and had sex. my question is how many of you are shaving down there? im thinking this could be a combo of factors esp. shaving................
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replied January 18th, 2009
paper cut like lesions
anyone experiencing this problem..

are you on birth control... i have been with my bf for 8yrs faithfullly, and just recently went back on the pill (loestrin fe) about 6 months ago and recently started to get frequent yeast infections, and especially when antibiotics. so i am wondering if it has anything to do with the pill....???
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replied January 18th, 2009
the pill, sex, & shaving & vaginal vissures
ive had these symptoms wether i was on the pill or not. currently im not on the pill and have been off now for about 8 months. again i think i get them more when i shave down there. esp if i shave and then have sex. it starts out red and gets dry and then i get the cuts. really weird
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replied January 20th, 2009
embarrassing & painful
This forum does provide some kind of relief because i now know that i am not alone, but it also deeply depresses me. Some woman have had this for 7 or so years?! I can't imagine this pain and embarrasmet. im 17 years old and just recently over the past 2 months started having small slits on my vagina. I have only had sex once and it was 4 months before the cuts. i cant go to a gyno or any doctor because i dont want my mom knowing i have this. she'll think something bad. im just so scared and dont know what to do! i wish this would go away. please anyone, more ideas without consulting a doctor would be so grateful!! im praying every night for this to go away. good luck to all of you!
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