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Left Testicle Gets Pulled Up Towards Stomach During Masturba

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Dear readers,

i have noticed that my left testicle gets pulled up towards stomach
during masturbation.

Here are some other facts.

1. I had a left inguinal hernia operation done in 1995.

2. For about a year, I have had a dull pain in my left groin. I have
a constant tension and dull pain in my left testicle. It gets worse
later in the day. There is some sensation of a burn as well.

3. Recently my family doctor examined me and said that my hernia had
re-occurred, and that I also had epididymitis. He has put me on
doxycycline for two weeks. I still have four days left.

4. I have noticed that during masturbation, my left testicle starts
getting pulled up towards the stomach. When I touch it, it seems
flushed against the bottom wall of stomach. I can only feel about
two-thirds of it; the rest seems to have gotten pulled into the
stomach. And at the ejaculation, not a whole lot of semen comes out,
even though the penis keeps trying to pump something out. Sorry for
the details, but I am a little worried, and want to see if you guys
have some insight to offer.

5. After ejaculation, I have a lot of pain in the left testicle, and
sometimes in the lower back. Sometime after the ejaculation (maybe
30 minutes), I keep getting a small discharge from the penis. I do
not get a discharge after that. The family doctor had ruled out

6. I saw a surgeon for a possible hernia repair since the family
doctor had said that I had hernia. After a physical exam and a ct
scan, the surgeon concluded that I did not have a hernia. He has
asked me to complete the doxycycline course, and see him again in an
evening since it is easier to spot a hernia in evenings.

Guys - please let me know if you have any insight, especially for
item 4.

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replied September 30th, 2005
Go see a urologist soon as possible.
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replied June 21st, 2006
Re: Testicle Pain
I had a similar hernia operation as well when I was young, then after that everything was ok. But when I turned 19 I started to experiancing pain in my left testicle for around 3 years now. I had scans and the docter said evrything is fine. They just said it was chronic epididymis or something like that. I have been experiancing pain that comes and goes. I have noticed that also that when performing activity there - the pain goes slightly worser but after a day it's not that bad.

The docter just told me to take paracetamol or ibrophen. Apart from that is no permenant solution to really treat the pain. But I am hoping that there is.

So it could be that what your experiancing. I know that my left testicle slightly higher compared to my right and that was because when I was young I had to have a hernia operation. So that is why it's like that. I have had scans etc and seen docters they just say it's just chronic epididymis and that everything else is fine.
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replied January 15th, 2010
Left testical gets pulled up against my body when masturbating.
i have the same problem but it seems to occur most when I'm on my medicine. I take adderall and it makes me horny. trouble is that when i masturbate on it my left testicle gets pulled up towards my stomach. it makes my orgasms feel somehwhat painful and i have to push my testical away from my body at orgasm. It feels almost as if my left testicle isn't attached to my body at this point i also have a slightly curved to the left penis and its been like that most of my life. I never had a hernia(at least i dont think so) and this never occured until i began taking adderal and then masturbating repeatedly on the drug. please help me because I'm very confused.
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