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Endometriosis *urgent*

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Does anyone have endo and can give me some possible symptoms, I have a doctors appointment next week and im worried that I have it...Some of my symptoms are: really tired, sick in the mornings with heart burn (but I also have acid refux so), leg aches (feels like growing pains) head aches in the middle of my forehead, bloating, pains after sexual intercourse, and the list goes on..If anyone has any info or personal experiences I cant thank you enough! Sorry if im posting in the wrong page but this is the only one im familiar with. Thank you ladies and god bless :)
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First Helper mirandab07

replied January 18th, 2010
i think i have endometriosis and i sirst started my period when i was 13 and am 19 now and have had major problems ever since. the symptoms that im havin ar lower back pain lower abdomanil pain heavy periods irregualar periods and when im on my period it feels like my insides are ripping out and sometimes i can see knots on my lower abdominal area. hope this helps some people and if anyone has any suggests or comments please feel free to share with me.
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