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Common abbreviations used
(medical and non-medical)

aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh = painful
abx = antibiotics
ad = anti-depressant
afaik = as far as I know
aka = also known as
ana = antinuclear antibody
as = ankylosing sponylitis
anti-d's = anti-depressants
bid (as in prescriptions) = twice daily
bil = brother-in-law
bion = believe it or not
bp = blood pressure
bpd = bad pain day
brb = be right back
bt = break-thru meds (a pain med you take in addition to long acting pain meds)
btw = by the way
cfids = chronic fatigue & immune dysfunction syndrome
cfs = chronic fatigue syndrome
cmp = chronic myofascial pain
cns = central nervous system
cp = chronic pain
cpmp = chronic pain management program
cps = chronic pain syndrome
csf = cerebro-spinal fluid
cts = carpal tunnel syndrome
dd = dear daughter, darling daughter
ddd = degenerative disc disease
dh = darling husband
ds = dear son, darling son
dx = diagnosis
dx'd = diagnosed
ecg = electrocardiogram
fil = father-in-law
emg = electromylogram.
Fps = faces pain scale
fm/fms/fibro = fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia syndrome
fwiw = for what it's worth
gerd = gastroesophogeal reflux disease.
Gi = gastro-intestinal
gp = general practitioner = uk version of pcp
hep c = hepatitis c
hrt = hormone replacement therapy
hth = hope this helps!
Hx = history (as in medical history)
hydro = hydrotherapy
iaiyh = it's all in your head
ib = irritable bladder
ibs = irritable bowel syndrome
icu = intensive care unit
im = medication by muscle injection
imho = in my humble opinion
imo = in my opinion
iv = medication in the vein
la = long acting, referring to extended release opiates
lbp = low back pain
lol = laughing out loud or lots of love
lpd = low pain day
med = medicine, medication
mps = myofascial pain syndrome
mri = magnetic resonance imaging
mil = mother-in-law
mt = massage therapist
neuro = neurologist
ncpr = (usually in thread title): not chronic pain related
np = nurse practioner
ns = neurosurgeon
nsaids = nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
nsr = (usually in a thread title): not spine related
oa = osteoarthritis
omt = osteopathic manipulative therapy
osa = obstructive sleep apnea
oss = orthopedic spinal surgeon
ot = occupational therapy
otoh = on the other hand
pa = physicians assistant
pca = patient-controlled analgesia
pcp = primary care physician
pm = pain management/pain monster/private message
pmp = pain management physician
pn = peripheral neuropathy
po = medication by mouth (oral)
pr = pulse rate
prn = as needed (medication)
pt/pt = physical therapy, physical therapist
ptsd/s = post-traumatic stress disorder/syndrome
pwc = people with cfs
pwfm = people with fm
qid - 4 times a day
ra = rheumatiod arthritis
rf = rheumatoid factor
rheumy = rheumatologist
rice = rest, ice, compression, elevation
rls . . . Restless leg syndrome
roflmao = rolling on the floor, laughing my a** off
rom = range of motion
rr = respiratory rate
rsd . . . Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
rsi . . . Repetitive stress/strain injury
rx = medication/prescription
rx'd = prescribed
sa = short acting, referring to instant release opiates and fixed combo opiates
sci = spinal-cord injury
sf = spinal fracture
smp = sympathetically mediated pain
so = significant other/spouse/housemate
sob = shortness of breath
sbo = spina bifida occulta
sil = sister-in-law
ssd, ssdi, ssi, = (all versions of social security disability)
sx = symptoms
tcs = tethered cord syndrome
tens = transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
tia = thanks in advance
tia = transient ischemic attack ("little stroke")
tid (as in prescriptions) = three times daily
tmj = temperomandibular joint dysfunction
tos = thorasic outlet syndrome
tos = terms of service
tps = tender points (of fibromyalgia syndrome)
trps = trigger points (of myofascial pain syndrome)
ttt = tilt table test
tx = treatment
w/ = with
wbc = white blood cell or white blood count
wdwn = well developed, well nourished
wnl = within normal limits
w/o = without

ac (ante cibum) = "before meals"
bid (bis in die) = "twice a day"
gt (gutta) = "drop"
hs (hora somni) = "at bedtime"
od (oculus dexter) = "right eye"
os (oculus sinister) = "left eye"
po (per os) = "by mouth"
pc (post cibum) = "after meals"
prn (pro re nata) = "as needed"
q 3 h (quaque 3 hora) = "every 3 hours"
qd (quaque die) = "every day"
qid (quater in die) = "4 times a day"
sig (signa) = "write"
tid (ter in die) = "3 times a day"
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