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My Boyfriend Doesn't Want Sex As Much As I Do

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My boyfriend and I just got into this relationship and I want to have sex with him all the time. Yea so i'm a little sexual.. Whatever it's not a bad thing but I didn't think that I wanted it more than a guy. I know it's not me because if I go for it I can get it but I want him to want me spur of the moment sometimes. I dont feel i'm desired. He doesnt masturbate either... Its really confusing and I don't get it. We talked and we think it's psychological. His past girl wouldn't give it up but every so often and he got used to that, so much to the point he didnt care whether he had sex or not. Blocked it out of his mind. But why is he like this with me? I'm not her and that was a long time ago. Help!!!
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replied September 22nd, 2005
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Psychological, physical, perhaps a lowered sex drive. Could be medications he is on, other stresses in his life, or perhaps he is not attracted to you in that way, so much, just yet. (which is fine, it comes in time.)

in either case, take it easy on him for a while and be express everything openly as to your needs and desires.

Be safe,
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replied September 26th, 2005
Well I hate to sound cocky but I know for a fact that its not that he's not attracted to me. I did talk to him and things are getting better. Apparently he thought he would be disrespecting me if he was touching me all the time and so on. I explained that he's in that place to do that and its not disrespect unless I already said I didnt like something and he kept doing it. Things are lookin' better
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replied February 6th, 2013
Some men have low sex drive and some women have high drives. Usually it's the male who is thought of as wanting sex all the time but it doesn't always work that way and there is nothing wrong with a female wanting a lot of sex.
One word of caution. When I was engaged to my wife, I thought our sex life was lacking, so we discussed it and she she just didn't get as horny as I did, but we did increase our amount of sex to a decent level. On our honeymoon we had sex 7 out of the 10 days, but once we got back it was once a month. Then it went to once every two, then once a quarter, then twice a year. For our fifth anniversary she wanted to go back to the Smokies for a romantic time and we rented a cabin for 4 nights. Well we attempted sex one night and no matter what I couldn't get it up. She said maybe you're tired? And I said maybe it's because the last time we had sex was our 4th anniversary? I masturbated 3 nights after she went to sleep. We had a big fight just before our 7th anniversary about sex once a year and she said she just had no desire to have sex. So I asked what about me? You just decide you don't want sex and I am supposed to be ok with that? I told her fine you don't want sex ok, but I'm going to have sex with someone so get used to it.
So far I haven't found anyone but I have decided that there will not be an 8th anniversary. A relationship without sex is called roommates. I look at her and freakin hate her. So my advise is to look at this relationship and if you are going to get serious, you need to make the choice, are you going to be ok with the amount of sex you are having now forever? If she would have said I have no desire for sex when we were dating, we never would have been married. Now I've wasted 7 years of my life.
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