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sore breasts , cramps , backaches , brownish spotting ...

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So im a month, 2 and 1/2 weeks late on my period.. When I was sposed to be on my period for august, I had brownish spotting, ive had cramps, really bad backaches, sore breasts, nipples darker and a ring around them, headaches, sick to my stomach feeling, im not one who sleeps well.. But ive been really tired lately.. Ive been feeling really thirsty somtimes.. Wieght gain/lose (just a little bit).. Moodiness.. Depressed (but ive been depressed for a few years now.. Its been getting better but lately ive been stressed and depressed becuz my hubby is in the military and hes about to leave for iraq on the 27th of sept...).. Ive been peeing alot.. Hearburn.. Sometimes I get a little dizzy... Last week I started to get sick, like the cold or the flu or something.. Ive been coughing, sore throat, runny/stopped up nose.. And sore body.. But I took medicine from regular selling stores (not an antibiotic).. And now im getting better.. I just have a cough now.... And lately.. My stomach has felt really sore on the inside.. My hubby and I have both felt on it and pushed on it.. And it hurts when being poked or pushed on in certain spots.. When we try to feel on it to see wut we feel, it just feels harder and firmer.. And it feels like we are feeling like bumpyness on the inside of it.. And like theres wavyness in there.... I thot I was pregnant.. And ive taken about 8 home pregnancy tests and they all came up negative.. Well the first few did.. But then later, the screen was cloudy looking in the first window (theres 2 windows, one to show a plus or minus.. And the other to always have a line just showing that the test was done).. Well in the first window, there has been a very very faint line there, its so hard to see, its like its not wanting to show up.. And the last one I took, it was so faint and hard to see.. But we both looked really hard at it and it looked like a positive.. But we werent sure. Today I went to the hospital, got a urine test, and a blood test.. And I didnt get to talk to anyone about it at all.. They just gave the test... We waited around for about 2 to 3 hours, and finally the results came back negative. I really feel wierd about this.. I have this very strong feeling that im pregnant.. But the tests say no.. Is there any posible way taht it cud be wrong?? Or is there anything else that this cud be??? Im really really confused.. I think so bad that im pregnant.. And now that my test results have shown negative from the hospital.. My hubby thinks its nothing.. But I feel as if its something.. Im just clueless to wut it cud be. If there is anything at all, I mean anything, that anyone cud tell me.. About my situation.. Please please reply to this.. Im very worried about wuts going on with my body.. And I just wud really like to kno if im not alone or not on this.. So cud this be pregnancy or no? Or cud it be from stress from my hubby leaving?? Wut cud it be?? Please reply to this or email me with any thots at all. Help!!! Please!! -- my email is: removed
thanks lots.

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replied May 18th, 2009
hi im due on my period anyday well yesterday actually bt i have had sore breast for about 3 weeks,been sick lastnite,nd been so nauseous too,very tired ( this is unusual for me)and my hair is so greesy its annoying,i have got lots of spots on my face and breast now,did a test 2 wks ago bt was negative,nt sure if it was too early you have any ideas what it could be?we are actually trying for a baby and have been for about a month and half x
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replied December 8th, 2011
well go take another one bc i think it was too early lol but i have had the same going on with me and i took a test and it was a faint line and i dont know what to do im going to take another one in about 2weeks but if i was you i would take another one lol well good luck i hope you are!!!! Smile
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