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Baby Inner Ear Infection

Hey everyone!!! My two month old has an inner ear infection. His doc put him on antibiotics and I have to give him baby tylenol every four hours. He wakes up about every 30 min. To an hour screaming at night. I feel like i'm going crazy trying to care for him knowing there is really nothing I can do about it. Have any of you dealt with a baby with an ear infection? Any helpful tips or advice would be appriciated!!!



oh, and my husband has strip throat...Since our baby is one antibiotics...Is he less likely to get it?
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replied December 6th, 2005
Natural Ear Infection Remedy
Here is a natural ear infection remedy (beats destroying your babies defensive flora and fauna from the use of antibiotics)
5 cloves garlic
4 ounces olive oil
20 drops essential oil of eucalyptus
15 drops grapefruit seed extract (gse found in healthfood stores)
1. Chop garlic fine, place in small baking dish w/ olive oil and bake in oven at lowest setting you have overnight (if pressed for time, do for at least several hours, it will work)
2. Strain oil in a cloth and press well.
3. Add essential oil of eucalyptus and grapefruit see extract to garlic oil and mix well.
4. Place in amber bottle for storage.
To use: hold glass eye dropper under hot water for 1 minute, dry well (quickly) and suction up oil from bottle. Place 2 drops in each ear every half hour or as often as needed.
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