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Gallbladder Cyst?

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Hi everyone. I've been looking all over the internet for an answer and i'm happy that I found this site. Just a little over a week ago, i've developed a rather large, (about 4 in. Long and 2 in. Wide) soft, and painful lump under the skin that's right in the area of my gallbladder, and I have absolutely no idea what it is, and i'm so worried and scared. I went to the er last sunday because of horrible stomach pain that kept me awake the night before, (turned out it was because I bound up for almost a week; which was weird, but I took some medicine, and i'm ok now) and I told them about the lump; the nurse felt it but the doc didn't; or so she said...Anyway, I got a ultrasound, urine test, and bloodwork done; all normal, only diagnosis was "a touch of stomach flu" and i'm "not to eat anything but bland food for 2 weeks"; (just got through the 1st wk, one more to go, yay!) but, that still doesn't explain why this thing grew though, or why it's showing through my skin since my belly isn't swelled anymore. I went to my internal medicine doc for an appt. For other problems i've been having, and I aked her to check it to see if she could feel anything, and she said yes. Good, now I know i'm not nuts. I've scheduled an appt. With my primary doc for this fri to see what he thinks, and I hope he finds something because this has got me really worried. I'm a 22 yr old female, and the only other person in my family who had gallbladder problems was my grandmother. Does this sound like a cyst?

Thank you.

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replied September 22nd, 2005
False Alarm...
Well, I went to doc today, appt. Was only 1 day earlier cause I was freaking out about a cyst, or a possible hernia and surgery; but its not my gallbladder at all; its my colon; I guess its impacted and swelled up; so much for the damn fleet...Now I have to be on a high fiber diet along with my no spice or grease diet until I see him again oct. 24...This is going to kill me you guys :( but, there is some good news out of all of this: so far i've lost 8 lbs :d, but doc tells me I have to lose more...Figures... Will let you know how i'm doing.
Take care

replied October 17th, 2005
Hello all. :) just wanted to let you know im feeling alot better; I no longer have pain in my stomach :d and I also have given up the no grease diet; I think the doc was full of crap when he told me I had colon probs :roll: ...I think the real reason was that I skipped a month of menstruation, and all the pain went away once I got it the 1st, so I called today and cancelled for the 24th; I think all he was feeling at the last one was how bloated I was anyway... Well thats all I got for now, i'll talk to you later.

Take care.

replied October 18th, 2005
Glad you are feeling better :)
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